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Comments for 'By The Sword'

6:15 pm | January 10, 2004

Cut off his legs...whoo, that was good.
10:30 pm | January 9, 2004
I thought it came from "He Who Lives by the Sword, Dies by the Sword." Whatever.
Inept Zombie
3:45 pm | January 9, 2004
Dude that rocks. Awesome.
2:08 pm | January 9, 2004
Lol, By the Sword is the name of a book about Gladiators, I did a report on them and that was one of my sources. Good job FG, good to see you around.
2:19 am | January 9, 2004
I enjoyed it.
11:28 pm | January 8, 2004
Nice. Reminded me of "One Last Bullet", my last poem which was more of a story set to verse. I like it.

Semper Fi

Alpha Lance
10:41 pm | January 8, 2004
That's pretty good.
7:43 pm | January 8, 2004
*Incredulous stare* Your first attempt? That was REALLY good. Almost serious, and yet still with a kind of lgiht side despite the subject matter. I like, I like!