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Comments for 'Apollo - Chapter 3'

6:39 am | June 15, 2002

Heh... at last :)

On initial skimming, looks quite nice, fox :)

I'll make some more intelligent remarks once I get a moment... I have a huge backlog of fan fiction that I NEED to catch up on, not just this (... sorry, Tursas... :( ), and I should be able to, now that school's out and I have some time... just getting things out of the way, then I'll unleash myself on the FF section :)


12:00 pm | June 13, 2002
Yeah, It's taken me ages, sorry!What with changing jobs not too mention girlfriends, there's just been alot on my mind. I actually treated myself to an xbox last month to ease the woes =) which hasn't helped getting pen to paper...heh.Anyhows that said, things are getting back on track and life's starting to look rosey again so watch this space! Prolly looking at another couple of chapters or something along those lines. As too when, well, ...can I say soonú ;-pthanks for the compliment
6:16 pm | June 12, 2002
Damn good, i was wondering when you were going to continue this series. Good job i can't wait to read more.