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Comments for 'The Second War: Part 1, First Encounters'

3:27 am | January 29, 2004
Youre not from my school. Nobody even knows I go to this site or what my screen name is, and I have plenty of friends. I havn't had any pussy because Im only 13. I know its kinda late to be posting this but oh well, I missed it the first time.
9:40 am | December 30, 2003
Well, that about nerd, I can't really deny that. Woooo! the first time ever that I agree with you! Wooohooohoo!
Someone from your school to Awacar
5:35 am | December 30, 2003
Your a nerd to
10:00 am | December 27, 2003
Hey Someone f y s, change Someone for 'A nobody' in your name, it seems that it is a more appropriate name for someone with such a low level on his comments.

If he doesn't have friends at school (Someone, I think you're lying), then he shouldn't have, the people there might be like Someone f y s.

Your story was good, FOrunnER, as always.
Someone from your school
7:05 am | December 27, 2003
YEs no comments because you a nobody, nobody likes you you've got no friends your a nerd
who never has had pussy
By the way your story sucked so much i fell asleep in the first two lines you fucker
7:14 am | December 26, 2003
Whoa..kick ass...Get the next one soon man I wanna read it lol. 9/10.
3:38 am | December 26, 2003
No comments??