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Comments for 'Covenant Grunt Morphology'

6:12 pm | May 15, 2004
Nice job, some one actually tried to figue out the little guys. evolutionwise, grunts and the rest of the covenant are remarkably similar to lifeforms evolved on terra(earth) and share suspiciosly similar structures (arms legs heads etc.) One could theorize that the forerunners may have altered speiceis dna to use those race as slave species to build their massive constructs. to ensure loyalty, a stong reverance to the forerunners may have been planted deep in the minds of their creations thus explaining the covenants high opinion of the long absent race.
4:21 pm | December 6, 2003
How dare oni experiment on grunts. They shall pay dearly for their cruelty, mwa hahahahahahahahaha.
4:39 am | December 5, 2003
very good.. an interesting break from the incredible amount of fanfic now on HBO. 10/10
2:32 am | December 5, 2003
The only thing I can bash you on is that a couple of times your scientist make comments that they could only make if they had seen a live grunt. If that doesn't make sense, forget about it.

Anyway, great change of pace story (even if it wasn't your idea). Hope to see another on some more Covenant.
9:26 pm | December 4, 2003
Steve Ollett
8:30 am | December 3, 2003
A few obvious spelling mistakes when referring to parts of the anatomy, but good reading anyway.
2:15 am | December 3, 2003
yea, I kinda felt like I was stealing his idea at first, but I mean, he obviously isnt going to finish it, so I thought I would.
10:41 pm | December 2, 2003
Of course I didn't read the top caption...obviously it's like the Elite Morphology since you credited it.
10:34 pm | December 2, 2003
This is like the Elite Morphology submitted like, 8 months ago. Very Good