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Comments for 'Spartan III's, Part 5: The discovery'

3:12 pm | October 24, 2003
12:12 am | October 23, 2003
Holy SHIT. UBERSNIPER!! You kicked my ASS on halo PC dude, youre on my hit list ;)
And about the Brute/human thing, let me explain. The Covenant captured a human soldier (from where is really irrelevant) and twisted his genetics till they made what they thought was a superior specimen, then cloned him over and over and over. You'll later find out that is also what happened to the Hunters.

I thought it was a good idea, I mean none of the COvenant look remotely human, and the Brutes happen to look like giant apes, wich was what we looked like at one point. I guess that wasn't a very popular idea, but I still think it is a very logicall assumption.

The Sea Battles are coming up in the next part, and I'll work off a little of the rust Walker.
11:06 am | October 22, 2003
i dont agree with the others, i like the way cortana found out the brutes were humans, that and EX dieing( gave it a nice twist). Haveing said that, double check your work! can never express that enough. My next fanfic is almost dont chech it out. gave you 9.7/10
6:43 am | October 22, 2003
Great series so far. I don't think the Brute/Human idea is stupid...maybe you can use it for some secret covenant bio-engineering going on using captured/defected marines.

Overall great fanfic, keep up the good work!!
9:09 pm | October 21, 2003
great story man i love the series
4:39 pm | October 21, 2003
great story, my rating: 3 elite skulls out of 5.
you've improved alot since the first story, just work on your grammar and spelling some (for instance, mortar is spelled m-o-r-t-a-r, you spelled it motor a few times) but good character development, and the fact that the humans don't have everything go in their favor, it's realistic, once again, 3 skulls out of 5.
11:18 am | October 21, 2003
I agree with ONI_operative_343. You've gotten rusty, FOrunnER. 9/10.
1:48 am | October 21, 2003
This is one of my favorite series', along with ASOWE, and my own of course. And I like the direction you're taking it in. What if the Grunts are evolved midgets? But seriously, I like the battle scenes and the plot twists make this a series I look forward to reading. That said, I can forgive the spelling mistakes.
8:33 pm | October 20, 2003
sweet, i liked it alot, 9/10. i gave it a 9 for two reasons:

1. brutes? humans? odd... but ok, do w/e u want with it....

and 2. just some spellin errors and shit like that. ya kno... but awesome! i still love this series
Sergeant B
7:06 pm | October 20, 2003
Awesome FOrunnER!! I love it!! It's damn one hell of a story dude!! But is EX dead? I hope not! Please say no!! And I think it's a little stupid that Brutes, the hairy, machette-wieling monsters, are humans. But, thats what a FANFIC is. And I got first post!! Wa ha ha hah!!