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6:39 pm | October 23, 2003
I am going to make a flackfic rating site to tell what they all mean, but really, they do not translate to be inverse of the scale of 1-10.

It is more artistic than gramatical.

Here is how points are awarded.

5 for plot. This includes originality, characters, development, foreshadowing, everything a work of art fanfic has.

2 for Grammar, spelling, ect.

1 for HBO form code. Use it or you will NEVER get the coveted "Fanfic Award" from me. Any good fanfic on HBO will be indented. Look up any legendary Wadofic and you will see that it is indented.

1 for Tilt. If I liked the fanfic's ideas and overall feel, you get a point here. If I thought something was ary or missing, or just couldn't take points from anywhere else I'll grab one of these.

1 for wording. If reading the dictionary is what it takes, you have to know every word you use. There are two things that can hurt you with this one. One is using Rube-speak, an overtly simple hick language. The other side of this blade is using words that are beyond your knowledge and have the wrong connotations.

The reason I made this scale? So I can do what I like better. I found that I was nailing everyone for grammar and form code, but not for their plot. I considered that area forsaken, but now I can strike it as well.

A few ways to help you earn the "Fanfic Award"
1.) Indent [indent], and horizontal rule [hr]. I also like bold [B] and Italic [I], though I won't mark you down for not using them.
2.) Proofread your fanfic. Send it to me, your friends, your teachers, anything. Dispraiser@netzero.net if you want to have me proofread it.
3.) Think the plots through with music. It helps a lot to have a theme for each fanfic. *Sighs* I really don't wanna type out my plot and character thigns again, but if you look through a few fanfics where I have commented over half will mention this.
4.) Patience. This applies to everyone. I jsut did this in my last fanfic, and I am an idiot for doing it. I rushed. When you rush, you get at least one point, the tilt, and chances are more for grammar and stuff.

Yes, I was overtly and excessivly cruel to your fanfic. But, if you don't like what I say, ignore it, but you won't get me to stop marking you down for making mistakes, especially ones that I tell you to fix...
6:36 pm | October 23, 2003
Now hold on just a damn second! If you will look back at Halo you will see a big menace, The Flood. I didn't see them mentioned in your fanfic... There's a point and a half on your flackfic score...

Grammar is unusually conversational, so another point ("But nobody cared what they thought" type sentances)

Overall lack of proofreading (UML ULM confusion when they are first mentioned), another point.


Feasibility. How to put this... I don't think the war would end as you have it ending. Gave my flackfic tilt point (which is a bad thing) and one from the Originality section. Granted it was original, but it still had almost no basis. "One day the Humans found the Covenant homeworld and killed the Prophet. Then we won. Then they became our slaves. Then we started fighting eachother."

Wording was poor "we were jerked".


Flackfic of 7.5 of 10.

Originality is high, but unfeasible, and there is nothing grammar or effort-wise to help bail it out. I do love your terrorist's names though... Great clan name...
1:35 am | October 19, 2003
good shit.
1:35 am | October 19, 2003
its good man
Javier Fernandez-Vina
6:36 pm | October 18, 2003
I like how were kicking convenant ass now.Does this story have something to do with becoming what we hate most?It just sounded like it.
12:36 am | October 18, 2003
Thanks ALpha
Alpha Lance
8:38 pm | October 17, 2003
Great story ForunnER. Just wish you indent and space between paragraphs, so it want be all bunch up and sloppy looking. But hey, still was a great story, and I have to give it a 9.8/10.
3:05 pm | October 17, 2003
I am in a sense trying to write the past, present, and future of the Human-Covenant war (Convenant Chronicles, Spartan III's, and now Aftermath). MORE COMMENTS WOULD BE APPRICIATED!!
3:05 pm | October 17, 2003
1:41 pm | October 17, 2003
wow, i never thought i'd like a story were the covies would be taking orders from us, but i like the way u twisted it around. i gove it a 9.6, if you'd like read mine hope you injoy!!!
Title is "Threatened"
1:24 pm | October 17, 2003
I liked it nice job very interesting hope to see next chapter.
12:41 pm | October 17, 2003
So, anybody like it?
12:41 pm | October 17, 2003
12:41 pm | October 17, 2003
Thanks guys.
12:41 pm | October 17, 2003