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Comments for 'Spartan III's, Part III'

Agent Shade
11:54 am | September 25, 2003
you commented on my story, i comment on yours. i am deeply impressed. this is very well done FOrunnER. the only suggestion i can offer is space out your paragraphs with the [indent] tag and, you may already know this, but the roman numeral for four is IV, in case you were wondering.

keep it up 9/10
3:00 am | September 25, 2003
Thanks guys (Agent Shade, youre stories are the best man!!!) Anybody else wanna comment?
9:39 am | September 24, 2003
whenever im not writin my stories, im readin yours. keep it up! cant wait for the sea battles!
10:50 pm | September 23, 2003
Thanks, I meant to write number four. sorry it took so long. This is only a partiall story, Part IIII continued will come soon. It will reveal the origin of the Brutes and the one after that, number 5, will have the sea battles YEHHHH!!!!!
Peace out
8:24 pm | September 23, 2003
not bad, i like it
Sergeant B
10:30 am | September 23, 2003
Finally man! Another addition to your series, I love it. I don't think there were any errors. Keep it up,9.9/10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!