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Comments for 'Halo Installation 01, Chapter 3'

3:39 am | June 21, 2004
Heads-up, my fanfic submissions may get a little inconsistent for a while because I'm grounded. The only reason I'm on right now is because my mom is looking over my shoulder as I type. I can earn back internet time so I won't be getting to rusty.
Solidus Snake
11:09 am | June 19, 2004
FOrunnER! Welcome back man, ITS ME, ALPHA! Lol, good story (9.5/10), now all we need is Walker and a hand full of other Vets.

Oh, and feel free to check out my new series Hollow Life.

Now, good luck to you man!
Solidus Snake
4:21 am | June 19, 2004
Oh, and yeah I stuck around for a good while, but at one point I left for a long time and then came back as Solidus.
Solidus Snake
4:19 am | June 19, 2004
Yeah I did change my name at the 7th, and what did happen to Elfster, and Walker, and Dispraiser!?
4:03 am | June 19, 2004
Hey, that's you Alpha? Dang, you stuck around along time after most of the vets left. I saw your name alot but didn't think it was you. Now that you mention it though, I think I do remember you changing your name on Seventh Column.

Speaking of that, did anyone else notice that thats another place where most of the fanfic vets have left. JOOTD (Just One Of Those Days) is dead, and Elfster has gone missing.

Anyway, thanks for reading my story. I realize that there's not alot of action and the writing is medicore, but it has been along time since I wrote a story.
10:28 pm | June 18, 2004
Hello everyone, its been a while....It seems that this place is infested with n00bs. Ugh! What has HBO come to
4:53 pm | June 18, 2004
Im not an M&M fan per se, but I was listening to that song when I read the authors note. Oh, look in the last batch of stories...Wado announced his return in there somewhere.
4:01 pm | June 18, 2004
Thankx Wiley, I see I'm definately not the only one here who is an Eminem fan.

Oh, and Wado write the 7 reasons why HSP is better post. The link was on the front page.

Long live the fanfiction vets!!!
-Peace Out
Nick Kang
11:54 am | June 18, 2004
Holy Shizzle! Loved it! And Wado's back? Where?

11:38 am | June 18, 2004
Guess whos back, guess whos back, guess whos back, guess whos back, guess whos back. LOL. Welcome back..first Alpha, Mind Affecting Parisites back, then you, and now Wado's decided to come back. The Fan Fiction Gods have heard our pleas! The mighty vets have returned to squash the n00b uprising!

oh, and 9/10 the story was good too.

Now, this loooks like a job for me! So everybody, just follow me! Cause we need a little uprising, and it feels so empty, without me!