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Comments for 'Halo Installation 01'

Capo Rip
5:24 am | January 22, 2004
Very easy to read. I like the Elite psychology there, very in-character IMO. Although (I might sound like an anal biochem major here) I highly doubt that "adrenalin" is part of an Elite's biology, if they're different enough to have paurple blood (i.e. their blood cells would not use iron to carry oxygen...)

IONCLAD for Action!
1:25 pm | January 21, 2004
Cool. Waiting for the next.
Silent Hunter
2:19 am | January 21, 2004
You? Finish one? No way...
j/k ;)

This is real good. I've only seen a few errors. Can't wait to see where you go with this one.

3:22 am | January 18, 2004
Great Story. It looks like it's going to be a good series. I'm looking forward to the next part!

There were a few spelling/grammar errors, but they were minor and did not hinder the story in any way. Good Job.
8:06 pm | January 17, 2004
Thanx guys, I'm pretty sure Im actually going to FINISH this one, since I've been thinking over the plot line for a month. I'm winging some of it, but most of it I got already in my head. Thanx for the support peeps. Later.

Peace Out
5:08 pm | January 17, 2004
I like, I like. the third series or so that I follow from the start, and I'm interested to see how this one develops.

3:06 pm | January 17, 2004
I like where this is going. I can't wait till the next part.

2:30 pm | January 17, 2004
Nice job, well done and relatively free of errors. Too bad you're not finishing any of your other stories... give my "Johnson's War" short story a read..

-9/10 (i'm tough on S/G)