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Comments for 'Halo: Combat Revolved - Chapter 2: The Reunion Tour'

10:51 pm | April 11, 2003
7:23 pm | April 12, 2002
argh, i'm tired of all these Spartan III's lol but nice story, some text is a little choppy but nice story
eL diAbLo
8:17 pm | April 11, 2002
The British Commando,No the MC and Admiral will not be gay because the Admiral happens to be me and I for one am not gay. If it just so happened that the Admiral was not me then I could consider it like that.Jehkoh,Meaty does mean filled with action. It means that there is a lot of stuff crammed into one chapter. Lots of blood and gore and less dialogue.Constructive Criticism, please.
7:37 pm | April 11, 2002
What the hell is "meaty" anyway? Loius said that about my second chapter of OS... Filled with action, perhaps?
The British Commando
5:18 pm | April 11, 2002
Lol, having a gay Master Chief and Admiral could really put a wierd wierd spin on the story...
11:51 am | April 11, 2002
Very good. One problem, Admirals aren't that loose. "shakes his hand then hugs him" "We thought you was a goner"
eL diAbLo
12:05 am | April 11, 2002
Thanks guys. At least someone is reading my story. max3949,Next chapter will be closer to or in excess of 1000 words. There will also be much more action and combat in it. Thanks for the compliment. This is by the way my first story that i have ever written. Glad to see that someone likes it.Swordsman,Thanks for the "very good." What do you mean by Admirals aren't that loose? I was just trying to portray old buddies you know. Like when you see someone that you haven't seen for a long time. You see 'em on the street and you're like "oh hey wats up man" and you hug the guy. Not being gay just cuz your buddies. Explain more and I can take into consideration.Chapter 3 will be posted hopefully by the end of the week. I am trying to make it as "meaty" as possible. I can hopefully get a couple of chapters in during the weekend since I am going to UPENN to see my sister's dance thing. Couple of hours in the car you know.
10:26 pm | April 10, 2002
it's great. could be a bit longer, though.