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Comments for 'Halo: Combat Revolved - Chapter 1: Fight Club'

10:25 pm | December 23, 2003
i dont think the master chief would swear, or lose his composure at all... if he loses his "cool" then he could get unfocused and die because of it
The Scribe
2:36 am | July 9, 2003
What are all of the YYYYYYYAs for. Holy fuck, theres to many of them.
a person you DONT know
2:36 am | July 9, 2003
I dont think the Master Chief would remove COrtana from his helmet. It's too risky and goes up against protocol. She could be captured or destroyed.
4:43 am | January 18, 2003
eL diAbLo
6:57 pm | April 10, 2002
Comments? Yes, no, maybe-so? Did anyone actually read mine?