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Comments for 'Wings of Death Part 7: When the Whole Universe Becomes an Enemy'

12:07 am | April 5, 2004
12:11 pm | November 24, 2002
Isnt this story like a ripoff of the Simpsons Episode Abe Simpson and the Flying Hellfish? (One of my favorites) THe treasure, the keys, its all the same in that episode.
11:40 am | October 8, 2002
sounds like me lol
9:48 pm | October 3, 2002
Someone's mocking me again...
1:35 am | October 2, 2002
ok i just sent part 8, it's not as good as the next part will be though :D
No One
8:18 pm | October 1, 2002
Great gimme more !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
12:50 pm | October 1, 2002
12:39 am | October 1, 2002
This is an interesting story, sorry i haven't posted on it yet. My computer had a virus and right now im using a computer with Windows 95 and Aol 5.0 so i can't post my story that was deleted on my other computer
9:43 pm | September 30, 2002
Oh, yeah. Sorry about that whole virus thing. Just promise you won't mock me anymore.
8:02 pm | September 30, 2002
I will post the next part inna few days, it takes me longer todo them now.
4:42 pm | September 30, 2002
Very creative. Keep it up.
10:01 pm | September 29, 2002
An excellent story. Amazing! It was very elaborate.
6:43 am | September 29, 2002
this is sweet. i want more more more more. and a 400 pd cortana at taco bell
2:29 am | September 29, 2002
well I'm hoping to continue this story.
1:35 am | September 29, 2002
Spartan415 (MM
10:44 pm | September 28, 2002
diablo, continue or were gonna have a WWF smackdown in my house....noooooo wait my mom says no, then in your house!hahahahahahaha. BTW i don't even like wwf
9:34 pm | September 28, 2002
oops, this time is actually after that one world, but before the attacks on Reach, my bad. Sorry for the confusion.
8:45 pm | September 28, 2002
Man I love "Disturbed" so much, that I had to put that in that part (and I thought it fit pretty well in my mind).
6:34 pm | September 28, 2002
Interesting... Very Interesting.
4:53 pm | September 28, 2002
if you remmber, the ONI spooks told them to never say a word about the covenant. And yes it is THE Jacob Keys from the game, but his life just took a turn, instead of going to Cote de azur or whatever that place was in the near future. And this is not the end of this series, trust me, Nike you'll see someone diying in the end im sure ;D .
2:00 pm | September 28, 2002
As I can recall, Diablo, you said everyone either dies or gets married. So the Spartans are going to kill Keyes. Is it the Keyes from Halo or is it Keyes cousin or brother? I like this story but I'm still confused over one thing: If Keyes, Stanforth and the rest knew about the Covenant before they attacked, then why the crap didn't they tell the UNSC?