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Comments for 'Wings of Death Part 3: Raid at Fort Gammoth'

9:23 pm | July 10, 2003
great story 11/10
1:14 am | September 18, 2002
anymore comments that dont involve sun screen?
9:54 pm | September 15, 2002
aww you just gave the next part away Wado ;). "And then the Nuke went off, Luckily! he had 'Bannana Boat' on hand, and he survived!"
3:56 am | September 15, 2002
Nice action, way to go. I sure hope Keys is wearing his SPF 10,000,000 sunblock or I think he might get burned.
3:12 am | September 15, 2002
If you ever saw an "I" in the story, I'm sorry, but I'm still trying to get used to third person after writing Cry for a Hero, In which I wrote complete first person for all ten parts, which kinda got engraved into my mind lol.
2:29 am | September 15, 2002
Its pretty good, but why do you keep switching from first to third person?