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Comments for 'Wings of Death Part 19: Total Eclipse (Series Finale)'

2:13 am | May 29, 2003
Thanks alot!
5:47 pm | April 13, 2003
Hey el halo diablo you are awesome man! The plot for WOD was amazing. Mis-adventures of MC is hilarious. Keep it up
5:42 am | February 22, 2003
Heh, yes yes yes, yes to everything. 0_o. and a no to the fact that Wings of Death is coming back.
1:25 am | February 4, 2003
the radioactive chicken and giant cacts...................................................................comedy?
5:44 pm | February 2, 2003
i loved it

i love kristen
4:45 am | February 1, 2003
Good, but too long. Is 'Wings of Death coming back?
12:54 pm | January 30, 2003
thanks again everyone...i bet no one else is going to post here. ;)
1:30 am | January 30, 2003
I am ;D
12:31 pm | January 29, 2003
vero if you like to read about the MC diein he died in fallen angel 1 too :)
MC Hammer
2:05 am | January 29, 2003
Very good. Had me on the edge of the computer seat, and the cool flashback thing at the end was very different. keep on writing gems like this series
11:46 pm | January 28, 2003
Thanks everyone. as some of you remember, the naxt fan fic is the last... but if you want me to write anymore fan fics before that (like a comedy or something) just email me at funkmonker3lite@hotmail.com . untill then...
9:51 pm | January 28, 2003
excellent, long time comin but was well worth every second of the wait
12:24 pm | January 28, 2003
Hey, great story El_Halo_Diablo. To bad it has come to the unfortunate end of the master chief( sercretly cheers that someone has the balls to make him die). Man i cannot wait for you next series or whatever to come out. Have fun writing them. Bye bye.
4:23 am | January 28, 2003
any 1 wan weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed
4:18 am | January 28, 2003
wasn't the best.
2:15 am | January 28, 2003
*cough* Wado killed him *cough*
10:05 pm | January 27, 2003
*Please don't go argo on us.
10:00 pm | January 27, 2003
This is not like you diablo. You don't write stuff this big. It's scary. Please don't argo on us. Anyhoo, great stuff here. A good finale but one thing puzzles me: did the Chief and Mendez die? I actually haven't been reading this story because of your, uh, poor grammar and spelling skills (lol. No offense, okay. So don't sue me.)
9:08 pm | January 27, 2003
Thanks very much, but im a little angered that more people haven't commented...if you read this, reply damnit!
5:24 am | January 27, 2003
Wow, that was long and a lot happened. I had to keep reading it to see what happened next.

Well, I'd say that the ending was a good one. I would have liked to see Keys in a fighter/bomber one last time and the MC set off the Omega device... Oh well. Until next time... keep it up.
4:18 am | January 27, 2003
I really liked the ending to this series. Finally the MC has died...this is the first story i hav read where the MC has actually died. it added to the plot, and made it more realistic in my opinion. I noticed a few typos throughout the story, but other than that, it was perfect.