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Comments for 'Wings of Death Part 18: Get Us the Hell Outta Here!'

4:43 am | January 6, 2003
Lol Diablo, LOL
4:45 am | December 26, 2002
another excellent pice. keep them up
7:34 pm | December 25, 2002
lol...anyone else care to say something(preferably not a drunk)
10:09 pm | December 24, 2002
gewd happy thanksgiving , wait what hol
iday is it. i hate hang overs
7:18 pm | December 24, 2002
If you guys have been reading my latest parts, the title for my next part would explain the next thing to come(other than there being an eclipse), yah I read over the story, and cringed that the crap like #1:teh #2:soldierst he #3:floros...and other kinda crap like that. I need to sped more time and read it before I post it. oh well, I hope you guys enjoy the next part, btu I'll be gone for a week two days after christmas, so don't expect part 19 to be in for a while :(.
Flood impalor
7:12 pm | December 24, 2002
hey Vero, is your teacher nice? cause I write stuff all the time that includes miniguns shredding guys to bits and i get great comments for em. No sweat.
Flood impalor
7:09 pm | December 24, 2002
I really liked it. The only spelling mistake I SAW, was how you spelled Trigger. No biggie. It was great, just idont get how Keys is still alive,unnless its somehow before the ''Halo incedent'' I call it. But ya, keep it up! sweet stuff.
And I wish everyone a merry christmas!!!
7:05 pm | December 24, 2002
very good but there seems to ba a lot of stuff to clue up in one chapter, also your spelling wasn't as goood a usual but that dosen't realy matter, good job
7:00 pm | December 24, 2002
yup you too vero. Anyone else care to criticize my work (or my spelling ;) ) ?
6:24 pm | December 24, 2002
6:11 pm | December 24, 2002
OOOOO Nice story there mister diablo. I like I like. To bad this story is coming to an end. I was really liking it too. Well hopefully the next one will be the best one.

And about me writing stories, the last time I wrote a story i was suspened from school because of excessive violence. The teacher took it from me and read out loud in class. Bad idea. She sent me to the dean and i was suspened. So i haven't writen a story since.
3:22 pm | December 24, 2002
By the way, are ya gonna have any new series after that?
3:20 pm | December 24, 2002
So the next one is the finale?