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Comments for 'Wings of Death Part 17: Mexican Standoff'

2:57 am | December 24, 2002
oh and you too master _stu
2:57 am | December 24, 2002
Thank you Gruntkiller!
2:42 pm | December 23, 2002
veor just quit everquest, and write somrthing as diablo said, you've benn here for a awhile you might as well try your hand at being an author
4:50 am | December 23, 2002
i like this series. it is kick ass, so keep the stories and the new one coming out
10:36 pm | December 22, 2002
Vero I have two points of advice(just my opinion) #1: Quit Everquest #2: keep playin Splinter Cell ;) oh and for the third, write some fan fics damnit! I want to see you writing!
7:57 pm | December 22, 2002
I am still here diablo. Just haven't been on the website for awhile. Kinda been playing Everquest. And Splinter -Cell, but thats not the point. I like your action part in this story. You should really keep writing.
7:30 pm | December 22, 2002
...and the 200 pound Cortana :)
5:21 pm | December 22, 2002
BAD Diablo... Keep writing or I'm going to sick my giant crap pile all over you... Then I'll nuke you with my death dealing Covenant Cruiser of Death!
11:48 pm | December 21, 2002
people reading my seires is dropping, thanks for stayin gruntkiller, if there's anyone else that's read it, please reply. oh and i ahve a new comedy coming out.
10:41 pm | December 21, 2002
the battle was pretty good but when they landed in reach the stroy realy bacame more interesting, te he he there screwed