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Comments for 'Wings of Death Part 16: Escape, Plan, Destroy'

8:12 pm | February 22, 2004
sorry bout that
Metal Gear Miltie
3:58 pm | December 23, 2002
9:40 pm | December 19, 2002
lol i was hoping that my story wouldn't be posted along with Wado's lol
12:17 pm | December 19, 2002
that would probobly work until people started to become annoyed by it then they would just abbandon the series
8:51 pm | December 18, 2002
I got it, make every post the end of a series. Kind of like those places that are always having an "everything must go, going out of business sale"

I kind of caught on after the same place had their third liquidation sale.

Anyway, nice going diablo. This story is great.
5:46 pm | December 18, 2002
i read both of them, it was just bad luck that you posted this around the same time wado is finishing up his series, the end of his series is drawing alot of attention away from other peoples stories
10:56 pm | December 17, 2002
damn everyones reading Wado's stories, and no one else's. if you read this story, please reply.
8:35 pm | December 17, 2002
almost forgot about them heh that should make thing even better
9:51 pm | December 16, 2002
don't forget the flood with the guiadance of 343 guilty spark
8:03 pm | December 16, 2002
great! so the forerunner the covenant and the DOC are all attacking the same planet, this is going to be interesting