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Comments for 'Wings of Death part 14: A Short-lived Dominion?'

Brigad of Marines
12:17 pm | December 6, 2002
el_halo_diablo do you ever play 'Starcraft'over the internet? Tis a Good game. They have Halo maps over the internet like: flood attack, Halo mission maps such as the Silent Cartographer, and maps were you have the forunner(sentinels) Humans, Covvies, and the Flood battale a 2-4 way battle.
12:15 pm | December 6, 2002
Here is an idea for a name Lt. Kil or Mr. Kil.
8:50 pm | December 5, 2002
good, becasue what would a country be like without the Simpsons? lol. hey Brigad, I don't play SC anymore, i kinda got tired of playing it (i was addicted i swear), but I played a few halo scenarios before i quit. anybody else?
7:25 pm | December 5, 2002
yes i recognized it from the simpsons (we do get it up here)
12:06 pm | December 5, 2002
Diablo, i know we started to come here around the same time, so i can gonna let you have just a old buddy.....k here it come.....GREAT F-N story. I know i haven't posted on your stories since MAOMC but that is only because i haven't really read your wings of death. Well maybe the first couple but I do have to say. Your battle scenes are picking up and keep up the good job!
6:38 am | December 5, 2002
Nice job on the descriptions, keep it up.

N'sync... lol
10:05 pm | December 4, 2002
oh yah thanks for the comments, anyone else care to say something?
10:02 pm | December 4, 2002
Gruntkiller my man, i ahve an excuse for Leutenant LT smash, if you have ever watched the Simpsons(does that air on canada TV?) there is a guy that is named LT smash (I don't want to get into the funny reasons why). The reason Fort Sacramento was named Sacramento, is becasue i have to cradit my hometown :D. The battle suits that the marines are wearing are exactly like the suits that the marines wear on 'Star Craft' if you've ever played it. I think I touched all the basis (lol don't even comment on my poor grammar).
9:51 pm | December 4, 2002
doing great. nice action sequences. more i say whens the next one going to be out
8:53 pm | December 4, 2002
excellent the last battle scene was excellent, but you can tell your running low on ideas (the LT. Smash for example) but other than that great.