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Comments for 'The Mis-adventures of master chief: part 5: The Final Rant'

6:41 am | April 4, 2004
I laughed so hard I crapped myself. (I am on my third pair of underpants)
5:17 am | April 3, 2004
12:36 am | March 31, 2003
Thanks, but it was a different anthony, but whatever. :)
Anthony French
6:44 pm | March 25, 2003
that was a cool story but you used my name in your story so that's why I used it a little in mine and thats also why i changed you in grunt!!!!!
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAaarkkakakaaa im getting to old to continue being as machiavelic as that!
1:03 am | March 15, 2003
all i can say is: watch the Mel Brooks movie: "spaceballs" five times, and once you get the picture of it, then you can write a great comedy.
2:59 am | February 26, 2003
Well the MAOMC part 6 project is taking longer than i expected, i'm only 11 so i can't think that well. Diablo e-mail me with suggestions at cooldud91@hotmail.com.

12:24 pm | February 20, 2003
Man Ic an't belive people are STILL replying to this! If you ever read any one of the MAOMC parts, please feel free to drop a comment.
10:00 pm | January 24, 2003
i luved ur stori i liked the bloopers 2
5:26 pm | January 17, 2003
see, my stories make a little sense :).
Mutated Elite
6:58 pm | January 5, 2003
yah me too
4:00 pm | December 31, 2002
I just read the entire series. I agree with what you say about gamecube games as coasters and how much playstation sucks, but has good games. Too bad this is the last part.
5:48 am | December 4, 2002
I want to be known as the greatest halo comedian around :), I don't see any competition.
9:42 pm | November 27, 2002
That was a pretty stupid story, but stupid in a funny way.
3:58 pm | November 24, 2002
LMAO this was a good story. I want MORE!!! Oh yah I'm continuing this aren't i? *Runs and hides behind barricade so nobody will find him*
3:53 pm | November 20, 2002
Hey do you think Louis still checks this part of HBO? I mean, because the comment i posted there using HTML is still there.
8:55 pm | November 18, 2002
Yah man I thought you got banned considering the comments you posted back in the day. (No offense)
10:09 pm | November 15, 2002
thankies! I just got internet back! no diying for me today!
9:00 pm | November 11, 2002
The place is really boring without diablo. I mean, he was what made this section great!!
8:57 pm | November 11, 2002
I haven't seen diablo in ages.
Master of the halos
11:26 pm | November 1, 2002
Dude, did diablo die or something?
8:24 pm | October 27, 2002
I agree, too.
10:06 pm | October 24, 2002
9:59 pm | October 24, 2002
Who else agrees with me?
9:57 pm | October 24, 2002
O.K. Make a different comedy then. It doesn't have to be MAOMC. It can be some sort of spoof for WOD or SOA or The Advocate or something. It doesn't have to be MAOMC.
8:26 pm | October 23, 2002
it's official...NO MORE MAOMC FAN FICS!!!!!!!!
8:24 pm | October 23, 2002
I was just kidding about the story thing
11:33 am | October 22, 2002
Seriously! You GOTTA make more MAOMC stories.
Master of the Halos
11:22 am | October 22, 2002
Is that really what happens?
4:55 pm | October 19, 2002
now you just gave away the entire story!!!!!!!!
Master of the halos
9:38 pm | October 18, 2002
Here's a good sequel!*Mendez walks into room to find MC in bed with Nic-Nac* "Oh NO!!!!!!!!" He screams. "You @$$hole! Our relationship is over! *Pulls out glock, shoots himself*
9:36 pm | October 18, 2002
12:12 am | October 2, 2002
I really loved(I mean likeed eh lik eh liked) your story and lolololololololololololololololol sob lololololololololololololool you should write a lolol sequel lolololololoolololol damn someone stop this stupid lololol lau;llologhingloolooolmachine lololololololoooooloooollllololllo thaaaaaaaa its going crazylololollolooloollololoolololoiolllolololololololooo uh oh its going to blow up get awaylol get awaaaaaaayyyyyyyy!!!loilolololololoololooooollolololllllllololololoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalolpolollololoololololiololoololobaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!darn now it has exploded anyway you should write a sequel with ideas like this
9:41 pm | September 28, 2002
I don't know, should I?
Necko Divad
3:02 pm | September 27, 2002
You realy should have played with the idea of the "monkeys raviged the Earth with the help of Cortona". That would have been funny as well. Overall a good comidy. Are you thinking of starting another one any time soon?
12:20 am | August 31, 2002
No sir you did not put me in your story. *SOB* Not even the*sniffle sniffle* bloopers. I see ho...w it is you meanie.*Vero sticks his tongue out at El_Halo_Diablo*
3:07 am | August 29, 2002
umm Vero I DID put you in the story...didnt I? Oh and if you guys remember from the first part, Corty was what MC asked if he could call her, and she answered,"you're an idiot."(what a suprise).
10:28 pm | August 28, 2002
I just read the story again, and i realized that you made the MC say" Corty" That is the gowddamn funniest word i have ever heard!!!!!!Long live Corty,Long live Corty!!!!
10:17 pm | August 28, 2002
Who is vector40? And was i about to be in the story?? Really, what a honor! Maybe in the next comedy seiries(damnit, still don't know how to spell that)hehehehehehehheheeheh(knightmare punches vero for saying his story was confusing) owie dude.
6:07 pm | August 28, 2002
yah I was going to make it Vector40 in the horse shit, but at the time, I wasnt sure if that was his exact name...sorry Vero ;D.
1:55 pm | August 28, 2002
1:53 pm | August 28, 2002
Ask those two they'd kill you for it... Oh wait do, you'll find it gone and then you'll find yourself in a pile of poop.
3:43 am | August 28, 2002
Who here like to drink hard liquor? Anyone?
1:26 am | August 28, 2002
thats right I forgot you were drunk when I made the story, I guess you just dont remember any of the things we said. Its funny when our drunk Stephen *shakes fist at stephen* Get druuuunk.
12:54 am | August 28, 2002
hey ian i just found out ur new fan fic was posted, it was good but i dont remember any of the things u said i said ever happening(if thats confusing srry), anyway...keep writing ur good at it (shakes fist at ian) keeep
10:37 pm | August 27, 2002
thank god that i wasn't included! and another ' thank God': that its 'the Final Rant'! lol pretty funny in many parts, especially the bloopers! keep writing stories, and don't get too discouraged by us yelling at you about you pissing us off with you using our names in unusable manners. ah hell, just don't use our names at all! lol if you guys get too pissed at el, you can always borrow my sword for fun! *draws sword, laughs at el_halo_diablo's frightened expression*
9:52 pm | August 27, 2002
Cooper was from my other seires "cru for a Hero"...you know? the MAIN CHARACTER! lol yah I usually dont laugh at my MAOMC parts that I write, but I had to laugh on a few of those bloopers...and the first time Cap'n crunch crunchitized my pribates, while i was doing the 'matrix'. LMAO...any more comments?
9:39 pm | August 27, 2002
I LOVE THOSE BLOOPPERS!!!!They were so funny, didn't really get the cooper part but at least you put the crap hamburger back in. To bad you stick with the story line:( It was really funny, oh well, at least nic-nac is dead now*runs and goes to cry is a corner**sob* i am back**sniffle sniffle** Well at least Cheif Mendez isn't dead, i hope they have a ermmm happy life:( DEATH TO ALL GAYSSSSSS
5:15 pm | August 27, 2002
Um...yeah, whatever. It was funny yet kinda disgusting.
11:51 am | August 27, 2002
(yay!) any other comments, by anyone?
7:33 am | August 27, 2002
"It was good i think it was excellent". "It was really funny" "Good Job" "Blah blah blah" "Blah blah blah"
12:02 am | August 27, 2002
yeah, i agree the bloopers were funny lol
10:42 pm | August 26, 2002
10:39 pm | August 26, 2002
why does everyone want to kill me? :,(. Lol ok But really, what did people think about this last story? Did anyone like the bloopers at the end( I thought that up at the last minute, of course I think up everything on MAOMC the last minute. lol)
9:36 pm | August 26, 2002
Let me talk a little to much and then stab you while your occupied. I feel much better ::tosses plasma nade on Diablo, Diablo explodes:: i feel even better now :D
7:46 pm | August 26, 2002
Very good, lots of laughs, please let it end. Hey the MC promised me a spot on Xena if I did the MAOMC wedding scene. I'm still waiting to hear back from Lucy Lawless by the way.
7:14 pm | August 26, 2002
oh ha, ha. lol.. its over *sob*.....:Kicks Diablo just for kicks: There now I feel better.