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Comments for 'The Mis-adventures of master chief: part 3 (a comedy)'

11:47 am | April 5, 2004
you're just gunna have to see for yourself.
5:39 am | November 23, 2003
What the funk is smosh
Midnight Walker
1:09 pm | November 11, 2003
10:59 pm | January 23, 2003
Thanks alot, dont' forget to read my other fan fics
2:30 pm | January 20, 2003
u write great stories keep it up
4:48 am | January 18, 2003
im sorrry no please not the monkeys rahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2:06 am | December 26, 2002
meh...he dies sometime
10:46 pm | October 24, 2002
Didn't you say the grunt would die in part 3?
6:21 pm | August 12, 2002
1:35 am | July 30, 2002
I was reading your other stories a couple pages back and those two stories were hilarious. The way the admiral kept putting the MC down and being a wimp. I love your stories dude, keep writing them
12:25 am | July 30, 2002
that was hilarious, i've never laughed so hard. maybe the men have babies. just to give u an answer arch. And purples a good color! .................................. oops, did i say that out loud. I am not gay okay. *looks at a gay stripper spinning on a bar*. Uh i thought it was a women seriously!
8:49 pm | July 28, 2002
My bad Anonymous was me.lol.
8:44 pm | July 28, 2002
Very funny! I never laughed so hard over a story.I thought I was going to die laughing so hard! I love the gamecube joke that was Hilariuos! And I finally know the Truth about there vehicles bieng purple! Keep it up.
1:19 am | July 28, 2002
AWWW DUDE!!! this the first time i ever laughed aloud repeatedly during a fic. Man! This is so unprofessional but it's one of the better! Game Cube, that was the best crack up i've had for a while, cup coasters!!!! HAHAHAHA. Grunty sidekick. Procreation. HAHAHA Dirty humor, that's what made Austin Powers a hit, that's what;s making yours one.
11:18 am | July 27, 2002
thanks for the insight STEPHEN!
11:18 am | July 27, 2002
thanks for the idea STEPHEN. lol I guess his name is like that becasue he took French 1 when i took Spanish 1. Stephen take care of my little posty thingy when I'm gone, unless thats too hard for u estupido, dont you say im a puton!
11:11 am | July 27, 2002
hey that was a great story ian, but i have to say the best character in it has to be stephen, he's funny,intelligent, and soo cool. He should be in the next part of the story.
11:04 am | July 27, 2002
thanks alot for all your comments, yah unfortunatly i'll be gone tomorrow and wont be back until the 6th (or something like that) so you wont expect another mis-adventure for a while :( . it seems like all of you guys liked the whole gay covies thing. The whole time Im backpacking, I'll be figuring out how to make a part 4.....that and pitch a tent.
12:09 am | July 27, 2002
lol i hate my comp, it says the messege didnt get through, but it really did so i type it over again lol
10:42 pm | July 26, 2002
That was the funniest thing i have ever read in my life when the grunt was putting money into the guys pockets. All of my questions about the covenant are now fact. Please keep writing more!!!!!
Cap'n Keyes
8:27 pm | July 26, 2002
kinda makes you wonder what the elites are REALLY saying, huh? :)
4:55 pm | July 26, 2002
So THAT'S why their vehicles are purple! That explains a lot! But if they're all gay, where the hell do all those grunts come from, so i can smear them all over the deck plating? 'Cause every time i start a new level, there's millions of the little buggers! Literally buggers if this story is correct.
4:37 pm | July 26, 2002
funny, very funny, gay covies, who woulda thought?