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Comments for 'The Mis-adventures of master chief: part 2 (a comedy)'

Midnight Walker
1:09 pm | November 11, 2003
This whole thing is stupid. It's completely unfunny and unorginal. You also hav ethe typing ability of a degenerate bar of soap.
12:27 pm | February 20, 2003
lol for letting them take control of the MOAMC series? nah, if they screw it up, it's their fault. :)
3:49 am | February 18, 2003
your losing it man.
10:59 pm | January 23, 2003
yah Kyle told me, Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
Mutated Elite
7:02 pm | January 5, 2003
Hey! i joined the MAOMC 6 project. It should be coming out soooooooooooooon
2:05 am | December 26, 2002
Thanks Bruce, btw when is MAOMC 6 comming out? I'm waitng for it.
4:09 pm | November 20, 2002
Man I love this series. I know that mine and Kyles version of MAOMC wouldnt compare to this. Diablo is the master of comedy. Hes amazing. ;-p
2:58 am | October 19, 2002
Really funny
6:21 pm | August 10, 2002
lol well I'm glad you like it
10:46 pm | July 26, 2002
OMFG< this is the funniest part in all 3 series. WHen the mc said the rock huirt his feelings and the grunt said oh your gay too. NOOOOO> Oh that suck...i mean to badd....i mean me neither.....ROFLROFLROFLROFL
12:52 am | July 25, 2002
is it never? :p
8:49 pm | July 24, 2002
this is pretty funny
5:51 pm | July 24, 2002
yah i thought I'd be the first one to make a comedy but it looks like I have competition (or so I think) I'm gunna try to finish up part three before I go on my gruling 10 day Hike in the Sierras 8O. i'll be gone on Saturday so dont expect a part 4 for a while :(yummy camp food :9
7:57 pm | July 23, 2002
We've seen much worse, like the Spartan 5 Project from around page 4. It's some pretty bad stuff. This doesn't even begin to compare. I like these new HALO Comedies. They're pretty good, what with all the heavy artillery they get to play around with....
Cap'n Keyes
3:36 pm | July 23, 2002
That was better than the first one. Keep it up!
3:30 am | July 23, 2002
ooooooh now i found out, i know what u guys mean by going to the next line, on the narrorator fight, on my email i even left an extra line in-between each person talking and it smashed them all thogether. >:-(
3:30 am | July 23, 2002
i cant belive it, u guys can read my fan fic? because i cant, it says i have the URL spelled incorrectly.so its a go for part 3? okie dokie
10:26 pm | July 22, 2002
I hate to say it but that was funnier then the 'A Wacky Spartan' series. And when you do dialogue for characters, don't put the next person's dialogue after the first. It was hard to read.
9:32 pm | July 22, 2002
WTF? Nevermind.... It was pretty good, getting rid of that miserable AI, Cortana and all... I mean, uh.... Oops.
Spartan III
8:38 pm | July 22, 2002
This is one of the funniest things I've read. You need to send this to Bungie for a Halo 2 idea.