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Comments for 'Cry for a Hero Part 7: Escape...again?'

10:50 pm | August 26, 2002
very nice input Wado, thanks!
11:22 am | August 26, 2002
well Jay its the future and Hey what if they WERE in space for 6 months(even tho they weren't lol). I tried to make it so he could see all the ships but still be at a great distance(Great great distance). Thanks for the insight Jay, and ill take the advice of mr. grunt and try not to turn into another Wado 80!(lol j/k). But on a happy note, I have begun production of Mis-Adventures of Master Chief Part 5: The Final Rant. Im open for more comments on this series(cry for a hero) tho. so feel free to give me feedback! :)
2:54 am | August 26, 2002
Hey now, I think you've got a few more years before you write as weird as I do -- LOL. As for the story, it has some good dialog that keeps it interesting. You could be writing about going to summer camp or going to war, same smart ass dialog. I love it.

As for realism, heck I disagree with many stories anyway. I feel people are writing like it's today, maybe just a few decades from now, not five hundred years later. A lot of the stuff I see in stories can be almost be done today as far as technology. Despite the modern military's distrust of virtual images over the naked eye, even that is changing. In a few hundred years, who knows. But for instance, I really don't think we are going to have manual controls on space-capable vehicles be the standard, I think auto-pilot will be the standard with manual only in the case of emergencies.

But I'm not complaining, keep up the writing, sorry I've been busy and not always keeping up with the story. If you want a tip from a writer that tries to put a lot of "fiction" in the science-fiction. If you are not sure how realistic something is, then don't try to explain it. Just describe some of the effects. For example, now that Earth is toast, probably going into a very long nuclear winter soon. Some disjointed radio messages could describe quite a bit of the destruction without the main characters having to ever actually see Earth. Saves the explanation of why the Hubble telescope happened to be mounted on the Pelican. ;-)
10:57 pm | August 25, 2002
It was fine cept for that and i can't wait to see what happens next
10:53 pm | August 25, 2002
I have some more interesing comments on some information. I never thought earth was so close from mars to see the moon and convenant ships around the earth. To travel that distance the pelican would have to go really fast, in today's space travel it takes 6 months to reach mars and from mars earth looks a like a tiny blue speck. Sry bout that bit of realism to your story.
Grunt killer
10:19 pm | August 25, 2002
im realy enjoying your stories but just dont get to unrealistic and weird
8:29 pm | August 25, 2002
What I meant, was that the havok nuclear blast only affects things that are 50 miles away on the ground and aircraft below 10,000 feet in elivation. I just thought I should clear that up. So how did everyone like it?