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Comments for 'Cry for a Hero part 5: Man Behind the Cloak'

9:16 pm | August 23, 2002
Well I read the last part of the last series. Nice ending, good job on the last paragraph(thats all I could comment on lol)
9:16 pm | August 23, 2002
Id fall asleep just trying to read the whole title lol.BTW, a bipod can hold a LAAG considering the strength of metal.In real life, I thing a grenade would blow a scorpion in half, if you look at the bottom, its not that fortified, and the blast of a grenade is focused upwards, besides, how else is Cooper supposed to blow the tank to pieces(no comment on that one).
4:28 pm | August 23, 2002
Vero its "The Hell Of War Through The Eyes Of A Marine"
4:24 pm | August 23, 2002
Hey someone remembers my story, dude you have some errors. A Bi-pod wouldn't hold a LAAG, and a frag wouldn't do anything to a tank from the bottom. You would be lucky to knock off the tread. In all good story
9:25 am | August 23, 2002
So uh... Ian is big and evil.... Right?
2:56 am | August 23, 2002
hey ian i havent posted on one of ur fanfics in a while, anyway dont worry kinghtmare as long as ur like above 6th grade u should be able to take ian in a fight, lol jk ian
2:00 am | August 23, 2002
lol you cant do anything....IM A SOPHMORE NOW YAY...wait, what grade are you in Knightmere?
10:35 pm | August 22, 2002
.......I'm gonna @#$% you up boy...
9:27 pm | August 22, 2002
yah...only problem is that school just started today, so there will be big spaces in between stories...the good thing is, IM NOT A FRESHMAN ANYMORE!!!!!! YAY
6:34 pm | August 22, 2002
WOH~~~~~~~~Dang, that was a hell of a fight!!! WOnder why Hopkins turned on you?? I read the last story just forgot to post, These rebels are very tricky and don't really care about dying it seems. This is about as good as that one series, "War through the eyes of a marine" I like the first person view. KEEP WRITING PLEASE!!!!!
6:25 pm | August 22, 2002
Cool, deception everywhere.
1:57 pm | August 22, 2002
interesting.... Very interesting