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Comments for 'Taking Tritus Last Part'

2:44 am | January 2, 2003
Nope, I'm his good clone... Well... ok, so I am....
Mutated Elite
6:24 pm | January 1, 2003
would you happen to be the Dispraiser from Haloonline.net?
3:47 am | December 25, 2002
Knightmare, did you read the first two parts? But I left out a few parts, I wrote the end pretty late too, so my thoughts may be a little jumbles. But the whole self destruct thing I had considered, but towards the end many former members (hardly mentioned) were brought back. Just don't pay attention to the names... But it was a quick fight against the Spartan, over within thirty seconds... score... 8-1...
2:48 am | December 25, 2002
speargun...i could use one of those. I think it would have been a good idea for the titrus crew to have a self-destruct charge within. this way the las man alive will make sure the spartans dont get out.
8:26 pm | December 24, 2002
This was kind of hard to understand. . . I think that the idea of teeth exploding eveywhere was pretty realistic though.