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Comments for 'Taking Tritus Part Two'

3:49 am | December 25, 2002
heh... One I heard (it's sticking over Precious cargo...) Starjacked. WHatdya think?
2:42 am | December 25, 2002
haha. lol. ummm, Space Theft Auto Xtreme?
5:46 am | December 24, 2002
Ok, could you give me a name for a new fanfic I am making (just barely, a little undar a page long) about a transport ship that gets taken over? I am not too good with the titles...
4:59 am | December 24, 2002
i gotta admit i judge almost everything by it cover. ppl with good titles get my interest. I respect a good commenter more than a good writer. u are good at both and u have a nice touch with dialogue.
2:19 am | December 24, 2002
Noo, I just only take credit where it is due. I am glad to receive such a complimnet, however you read more of them than me, I just read ones that don't suck in the beggining, that is why yous ee only good comments. But yeah, I do post mostly all good comments.
8:15 am | December 23, 2002
excuse me if i sound overly expressed in that meaage in force 81. i meant that you write good comments for a lot of ppl, and that others should return the favor. it takes time to read everything and to comment on most of them. Its very dissapointing to write a story and have no audience, every reader counts.
4:41 am | December 22, 2002
Ope, just read it, I get it now... BUt let me tell you this, no biofoam can fix that... A serious owchie was given to him for... christmas... Maybe I should write a christmas fanfic... Just a short one.... eah.. I will hopefully do so... how will I put christmas in? I'll think of it... hopefully... arg, whatever, I don't know anymore, I'm not in think mode anymore...
4:16 am | December 22, 2002
Force 81? Someone elses story? Right... Well thanks, any low points?
7:48 am | December 21, 2002
i left u something in the first force 81 installment. Nice job on this one, good dialogue. I sure hope one of ur troopers has biofoam or morphine on him.