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Comments for 'Stranded at Home Part 1'

8:41 pm | January 10, 2003
THe web site is up. If you want to see pictures and stuff of my fanfic or anything like that, just go to http://dispraiser.tripod.com and check it out in the Lunar 4 section.
2:46 am | January 2, 2003
Well, I have a web site in the works, another crappy frontpage one (I hate WYSIWYG editors, but I am too lazy to go all HTML, and I can make it... Prettier) but I should probably publish it soon, maybe friday (the 3rd I think...). It won't be complete, but I will get the drawings up. But DIrtie commie, Early in stories I often create characters with a quick description regarding emmotions (eg. the commander in the Taking Tritus story) who I had orriginally plotted to bge a cold person, who became the friendly commander who usually dies on mission three in most games... I didn't think this one would go over too well actually, and I considered it my worst story yet, which is why I shot him down...
Dirty Commie
1:18 am | December 28, 2002
Nice, as always. I always feel like you know what you're talking about. Like here:
"He was a cowboy type, already showing rogue blood in him, something that the Marin Corps had no room for until this war. Wars since about 2050 have been as simple as a series of assassinations or black ops attacks, sometimes requiring a surgical strike at most. "

The only thing I had a problem with is-like you said-the pilot didn't have a whole lot of emotion, and I feel that in 1st person, there should be a lot of emotion, cuz its YOU. Anyways, great job.
7:27 am | December 27, 2002
really?! thats awesome. i, like you, tried to dream up a society living on saturns multiple moons. and its really fun to create it in a realistic and functional way. in my head, i have a lot of my ideas laid out. ive always wanted to draw my weapons and buildings out but i cant draw for beans. if u have any concept designs, send them in!
3:51 am | December 25, 2002
Yeah, isolationism s great! But I actually have some masps, and other things from this story. I have drawwings of every vehicle and confusing structure, and I have many other things like that. I have reasons behind everything, Lunar 4 for being the fourth planet with moons found, and other stuff. Maybe I should ask Louis to psot them into my next story... But yeah, I will at least post them on my site soon...
2:39 am | December 25, 2002
you may or may not know/remember but a few months ago i had a debate about the validity of STANDARD time. that doesnt make sense, but for a small orbital configuration like the one you created, thats cool.
2:28 am | December 24, 2002
I created a world, not a universe.. The rest can go screw itself, It's Lunar 4, Nepike and Narcos taht I worry about... I try to make an original story, and this is just one more way I guess, but I don't want to wake up at 5 PM universal time...
8:21 am | December 23, 2002
good work man. sweet dialogue, no second-hand words here. "7:43 a.m. L4E (Lunar 4 Eastern)" although most will disagree with me, i think ur time keeping method is much more PRACTICAL than universal time, cause its one BIG universe. And the chaff idea for the counters were good. thats new, all i ever thought of was firing counter explosives to detonate incoming bogies but its better....financially....ur way. does the chaff disrupt onboard systems too?
4:48 am | December 22, 2002
Also, crypticly, perhaps marking failure of this story (I am a supersticious person...) was posted at 9:11...
4:18 am | December 22, 2002
Wow, and this one was what I believed was my worst one yet. I really didn't put in too much emotion at all from the pilot, mainly all pretty literal...
Guilty Spark
7:09 am | December 21, 2002
Good job. I like the first person perspective - it gives you a sense of being in the pilot's shoes during a battle. Keep up the good work. I look forward to the next chapter.