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Comments for 'Stowaway Part 2 (1 of 3)'

1:28 am | May 4, 2003
You aren't glad to see that I am back, you hate me, you are just a damn suck up trying to get me to read your fanfics again. Don't you remember? I told you that I would indent your fanfics for you and you told me to suck your ass? Then i got flamed for asking to INDENT YOUR FANFIC FOR YOU!!! It is useless, I have said that I will not post any comments outside of my fanfics and I will stick to that.
12:43 am | May 4, 2003
Dispraiser glad to see your back great story good detail keep them coming!
6:39 pm | May 2, 2003
Yeah, this one was 1 of 3 for part two, but after I posted it I ran into a fanfic forum submission error so it wasn't sent in right and I couldn't remember where I left this one off. Stowaway is actually completed and I have begun work on my next fanfic.
11:06 am | May 2, 2003
Bravo. *Clap Clap* 9/10
Shadow Spartan
1:17 am | May 2, 2003
welcome back Dispraiser, and a fine story you have written here. 10/10, please write again soon
10:33 pm | May 1, 2003
sorry that came out wrong. I thought u ended the series.
10:33 pm | May 1, 2003
9/10 Dude whens the last time u wrote i forgot you ended the series.
James Kinsella
9:23 pm | May 1, 2003
Dispraiser! Where have you been? I've been waiting for the next story in this series for forever. I liked it but I've almost forgotten the original script. Guess I'll just read it again.