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Comments for 'Starjacked Part 3'

10:00 pm | January 27, 2003

that's my site. Go check out the fanficart I made.
12:35 pm | January 27, 2003
You have your own web site? What is it? and also, good story, very well detailed and descpripted. Sorry It took so long before I read yours, but I just moved to another state, so my computers been unusable for a while. Also I couldn't get the internet to work for about a week after I got the computer setup. Anyhow, I enjoyed the series, and can't wait for the next series you post, if you haven't posted it already(I haven't checked the new stories since I moved.) ^_^
5:19 am | January 13, 2003
Sorry to double post, but if you want to vote for what fanfic I should mak next, just go to my site my site and vote. Right?
4:34 am | January 13, 2003
There will be another, but it will not be so closley tied to the combat as the coverup of the project. See, he saw a MJOLNIR 2, and no one, especially a political figure wants to have a conspiracy explode in their face. But He was made into an instant celebrity for his heroics, so killing him poses a large threat. But it is effectivley the last, that is another tale. But they were all civilians...
Guilty Spark
4:16 am | January 13, 2003
Awesome! I like the zero-G fighting sequences - clever marine character. Is this the final chapter or will there be more?
3:44 am | January 13, 2003
Crap, buried in the landslide of stories...