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Comments for 'Legend Hunting Part four'

7:46 pm | April 11, 2003
Also, i just finished trying to post comments to these fics... Seems as if people don't like having thier mistakes pointed out...
7:54 pm | March 9, 2003
Demo gave the first helpful comment for this one (seems to be turning out that way a lot lately), and I sort of answered my own question by submitting Legend Hunting Part 5. But yeah, the tech and the Marine (I am not sure what his name is... I gave him about three depending on who he was talking to... Something Warner...) But more bad things do happen to the tech... And his car...
12:40 pm | March 8, 2003
And for ppl to spend more time on their stories so the system wouldn't have gotten screwed... I posted my first story here what another three weeks and will have been a year... yet we never had this problem before and it kinda stinks... So I think ppl need to slow down and proof read their stories and get others to proof read them too. I had three ppl proof read mine before I submitted... Well now that I've ranted at ya'll about "The Good Ol' Days" and my fond memories....:-) I can go saying this storyis good.
7:27 am | March 8, 2003
true. if u post fics, than post comments. quality over quantity on the stories. makes sense to me.
1:32 am | March 8, 2003
I agree, even though I'm new at this fan fic stuff, I know Dispraiser here has been reading mine and I've been reading his ( Which I really like) but I mean, we shouldn't have as many writers on this there are too many writers and they're screwing up the system ( I mean no offense, everyone probally took time and effort in thier writing, but there's just too much) I think we should just make the parts longer, because people are making really short parts to long series, and It's just flowing e-mails into Louis's Inbox. We need to take more time, proofread, and make the parts LONGER!! Also, a note for Dispraiser, my series (five way war) would be done by now, but Louis has had all of these fan fic closings, and I sent him mine, and it should be in this last stream of fanfics, but I forgot to attach the story to the e-mail, which REALLY REALLY SUX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Also, I must say this part was pretty funny, I think the relationship between the main character and the tech is just plain funny.
8:46 pm | March 7, 2003
So wait, Louis is permenatly stopping the fanfics?
Traumatised Marine
9:33 am | March 7, 2003
Needs more writers? No, I don't think so, we certainly have a steady stream of fiction. What HBO needs is more people who can be bothered to read the stories. I'm sure if all the fiction writers who submitted work took the time to read and comment on each other then there would be plenty of input going around!
2:37 am | March 7, 2003
Yeah, that really sucks...
11:05 pm | March 6, 2003
Mine too all the veteran writers aren't here all the time spread the word hbo needs more writers.
5:42 am | March 6, 2003
who, look at the icon in the top left corner! how does it tie in to halo? well...there was a hippo on the spent shotgun casings.
2:14 am | March 6, 2003
ill try when i got time. Reality has been dominating my life recently.
"I dont wanna go back!!!". You guys are right, HBO is sinking. i owe it to u all and the site to keep it alive, it inspired my creative writing. we need to draft new marines for halo 2.
9:33 pm | March 5, 2003
Hbo is going down fast... the ffn section at least...
2:44 am | March 5, 2003
Fear not, you're not alone.
9:33 pm | March 4, 2003
Yeah, you and dirty commie were two of the early reliable reviewers of my fanfics. Thanks for the compliments, but recently my fanfics have been collecting very few comments, a recent one got none...
4:57 am | March 4, 2003
hey dude, still remember me? prob not... well anyways i c ur still writing quality stories for HBO. man you must be good with writing with all this practice. keep it up and hope u get more comments. LockNload.