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Comments for 'Legend Hunting Part Two'

9:09 pm | January 30, 2003
Just wait till the end... Big showdown between everything but the Spartan.
1:23 am | January 30, 2003
Good job on this, I liked it. The pace you keep it at is just right, and I can't wait till he gets to see the Spartan, I want to know what it looks like. And I didn't see any spelling mistakes. I can't wait for the next part.
omega *
8:14 pm | January 27, 2003
heh great story i like it alot i just found this site since i have been writeing my own fan fic for a week now i was searching for somewhere to post it found my place heh well anyways great story
5:39 pm | January 26, 2003
No, I don't hate Legend enough to write up a spam attack. This story is about a Marine literally hunting a legend, an escapee spartan 3 that is wreaking havok in the farmlands of Melo, a tiny little town. Anyway, the Marine is sent in to check up on things and runs into some trouble, catching this legend. See, the Spartan was never told to be one to the public, so rumors got started that it was something like El Chupacabra, a blood sucking monster from Mexico. Hence Legend Hunting.
Spartan 3
2:57 pm | January 26, 2003
Hey dispraiser does this have any thing to do with legend at the fourms at haloonline.net??