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Comments for 'Legend Hunting Part One'

1:29 am | January 29, 2003
Ah, good, you found an error, thanks. But how he kills the Spartan? Or will he kill the Spartan?
9:27 pm | January 28, 2003
The nine wasn't the only one, so you now.
9:24 pm | January 28, 2003
The errors where spelling and suff. You put a nine in the middle of a word once. but thats it.
9:24 pm | January 28, 2003
Don't kick it off!!! I think it's interesting and I want to find out just HOW he kills it.
3:40 am | January 23, 2003
Actually, I am thinking of killing it off... I don't like it too much... I might finish it just to get it out of the way, but this one takes Stranded at Hom'es place as my least favorite fanfic to write ever... If only I had made the main character a civillian in the middle of this whole crisis... It's not too late to change though...
3:11 am | January 23, 2003
This series has a lot of potential in it, keep it up.
8:57 pm | January 21, 2003
You should all go read Starjacked now. This isn't an ad, but lot's of things will cross between these two stories. But this will be a longer stroy because beyond just combat, there will be a hidden plot. But what errors (Tell me, a bad comment is the only true good coment, right?)
8:19 pm | January 21, 2003
Nice Story. You kept it at a steady pace, and a few errors here and there, but other than that, very well written.
6:13 pm | January 21, 2003
Excellent job. I like that you did not try to rush the story and you did not reveal too much information about things too soon.