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Comments for 'Legend Hunting Part Eight (Final Part)'

6:48 pm | April 9, 2003
I love idiots who psot a comment to say how stupid anotehr person is... and post it in the wrong fic...
chris mills
1:19 am | April 9, 2003
hi ya thanks for the review ass, it is my first one ok i haven't red yours yet, well i just wanted to say u could of den a lettle easyer on me but o well i look forword to your next review

p.s. i spelled a few words wrong to piss u of sry
i hope we can get to be good writers
12:50 am | April 5, 2003
I could follow most of the story-line, but it was pretty awesome.
9:27 pm | April 4, 2003
I give this an 87. That is very good. Not as good as possible but good. I must admit I myself had trouble with the storyline. But it was original and good. Do you have alot of time on your hands. I noticed you used the [indent] tag on every paragraph. That requires rigid discipline, endurance, fingers that don't cramp easy, and a strong mind in the force. I am, honestly, awed by your use of the [indent] tab. It is amazing.
7:50 pm | April 4, 2003
Yeah, it's my new tactic. People give these lame reviews that say "Good fanfic!". I think I used to do that... But in any case, i quickly discovered that a lot of the fanfics here are horrible things. One, I should not be encouraging that, and two, I should try to piss them off. The storyline to this one is a very confusing mess, and if you do get it you have most likely talked to me about it. At the end of the fanfic almost none of the characters fully understand who is who and where the Spartan is. The terrorists believed the Spartan to be alive and in the woods, the sniper that the Marine was hunting terrorsits and that she might be safe. The Marine knew it all... The cops just knew people were dyig and things were exploding. This one got clipped though. Should have been longer, but it was getting too far drawn out. Too much dialogue... I have to admit though, I think I screwed this one up really bad...
Traumatised Marine
6:38 am | April 4, 2003
I'd be lying if I said I understood the storyline well, Dispraiser. It's good to see a story that is original by getting away from the flock, yet being so professionally written.

I'll grade like you do, and give this an 'A'
As 'A+' is fully blown perfection, you fall just below due to a few keyboard errors.

Professionally written and a drawing read.
Dirty Commie
9:00 pm | April 3, 2003
Dispraiser, you were the inspiration for a story I just wrote. Well, you're rage, at least. It should be up today.
Comment? Uh...Nah, I'm not commenting on this. Why? Because...I shower in vodka that's why.
1:33 pm | April 3, 2003
This was a great series dispraiser the ending was good!