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Comments for 'Legend Hunting Part Seven'

2:42 am | March 30, 2003
No, you shouldn't. I know what you came from and I know waht you mean. You are not my target audience. It stole an idea from another fanfic? Well, news to me... It is further from Halo in that there is no Halo in this fanfic. It has Spartans, but it is not the "War with the Coveannt" That you are looking for. In regards to the combat, in a small town you rarely ever see as many gunfigts break out as I have already included in previous parts. Every other comment that I post here is for the people to put in less killing and more story. I will take your advice to heart... Yeah right... I doubt taht right now you would even tell me what the story was about being that I can assume that you have only read this one part. But you are right, there was a lot of dialogue in this part... And the last... And the one before that. Wierd? Sure... Steals ideas from otehr fanfics and is not Halo like? Sounds like a paradox. At least you were so brave as to post a bad comment though... Thanks.
3:58 pm | March 29, 2003
You want bad comments? Okay, this is from heart.
Boring, boring, weird, too much speech, not enough kills, not Halo-ish really at all, only steals ideas from Halo and other fanfics. Should I go on?
11:17 pm | March 26, 2003
Again I am forced to do this... I hope this is not of erronous cause and you are guilty... GUILTY OF APPEASMENT!!! I see nothing bad in that comment Marine... Once I considered posting the crappiest chapter I could possibly write to see if everyone is really reading them... But I figured that other fanfic writers would just compliment it into oblivion to make me read theirs. I wll not hold this against you because I have no proof, and I will still read your fanfics, but I need bad comments...
Traumatised Marine
8:42 am | March 25, 2003
Sigh, yet another chapter I read that is so damn good I'm compelled to read the whole series... oh woe is me!
11:06 pm | March 24, 2003
OOPs my bad I mean series.
11:05 pm | March 24, 2003
That was awasome as usual Dispraiser I love this sereis.