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Comments for 'Legend Hunting Part Six'

12:29 pm | March 19, 2003
Or not... I jsut saw the fanfic you wree talking about... Oops...
3:54 am | March 16, 2003
But you were talking about mine, hence the crazy-hybrid-fiction huntin comment. Tsk tsk tsk...
3:38 am | March 16, 2003
No problem...
10:00 am | March 15, 2003
hmmmm mustv been a different story
my apologies dispraiser
good story
i think theres something wrong with my head roflmao

im pretty sure there is a story somewhere in here with Samus in it and something about a morph ball and chozo....cant remember which one.

again apologies for getting totally mixed up
9:20 pm | March 13, 2003
Figured it out. YOu were reading the word SAMUELS. Note a few differences in spellig between the middle aged male Samuels' name and Samus.


As much as it helps to see comments like this (it can really boost your self esteem) Try reading.
9:11 pm | March 13, 2003
All my stories are one part, I just post them as I write them, so you are probably very confused, assuming that you aonly read this part. I ahve no idea where you got anything that you listerd there, he is hunting a spartan, and while I think you may be referring to the sniper I am not certain.... What?
5:21 am | March 13, 2003
i dont mind your style of writing but whats up with the story? samus?
oh well, imagination runs unchecked again.

you should call it "crazy-hybrid-fiction hunting"
3:49 am | March 13, 2003
Could be a while before the next part comes, it splits into a few possibilities... One is to get someone arrested... THe other is to not. I want to prolongs this one a little longer, so I probably won't have someone get arrested though...
3:31 am | March 12, 2003
Again awasome a lot of talking in this one can't wait to see what happenes next.