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Comments for 'Legend Hunting Part Five'

10:57 pm | March 11, 2003
Depends. I have an idea for a new story, that Lunar 4 once had a Halo ring in orbit but it shattered and former most of the rings of Lunar 4. But a mile long slab was found in the artic regions or something. BUt since I am not sure whether to base it on sentinels or flood I will postpone it for a while. Legend Hunting is going fast. It created 20 pages in the times it took to create the original five. Stranded at Home is keeping consistent with going very slowley. It jsut has nothing special in it at all... But I will finish Legend Huting some time in April or Late March most likely and will consider a few different fanfic ideas. Also depends on whether I can find a person who has been aubducted by aliens. I want to write an aubduction fanfic about before Harvest fell.
10:48 pm | March 11, 2003
Whens the next batch of storys coming on?
8:41 pm | March 11, 2003
Ah, thanks. But yeah, part six by theend of today.
3:36 am | March 11, 2003
dispraiser I didn't know that you had your own website just checked it out its pretty sweet.
Omega Ody
3:24 am | March 11, 2003
Man. This story is awesome. Hurry up and do some more. *drools*
3:08 am | March 11, 2003
Cause hbo's back ananannananananananananana.
3:08 am | March 11, 2003
Any time Dispraiser!
9:49 pm | March 10, 2003
Well, just keep in mind that when I start all stories are one part. They are split because I post them as I work on them at HBO. Anyway, Legend Hunting is stil only about Half done... I hate to have a ten part series (as it probably will be towards the end) but... Damn it! Wado, you gave one of the few useful comments I have ever recieved...
9:11 pm | March 10, 2003
I haven't been keeping up with the volume of stories, but I have to say you are doing a good job with your stories despite the quantity.

Keep up the great work.
4:07 am | March 10, 2003
Already a comment? HBO IS BACK!!! Thanks Monitor.
3:18 am | March 10, 2003
That was awasome you da man!