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Comments for 'The Exchange - Part 3 - Espesa'

11:30 pm | January 4, 2004
The space aprt of the story is over now, and it was simply the start of the second half of the story, I guess. It was meant to allude to the problems within ONI, and make the true antagonist seem eviler.

I used space because nothing is colder, more remote and darker than space.
4:21 pm | January 4, 2004
I'm pretty sure I read the previous two parts, but this is very confusing... how'd they get into space? Be back when I finish reading... maybe I should just reread the whole series.
4:21 pm | January 4, 2004
Well, whatever's going on, I like it.
6:18 pm | January 3, 2004
brilliant. ;)
6:18 pm | January 3, 2004
A great read. Loved it as well.
Blue Dude
4:54 pm | January 3, 2004
loved it
Solid Snake
4:03 pm | January 3, 2004