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Comments for 'Christmas on the Frontlines 2'

7:27 pm | December 27, 2003
I remember a time when I used to run all of the names of my fanfics through the name thing... I think I stopped around Legend Hunting. I don't really know why... Before it was a rule for submission, I think, and Wu would rename them if they interfered with other fanfic's names. I think I might go and check again. Stowaway probably ran over someone else's fanfic...
6:45 pm | December 27, 2003
Oh, well, sorry for taking the name of your story. My bad.
7:54 am | December 27, 2003
i liked the way u wrote that. the wors and discribtions were powerful.
2:03 am | December 27, 2003
I wrote one about a year ago called "Cristmas on the Frontlines". I hadn't seen yours... Sorry.
5:37 pm | December 26, 2003
I liked it. I liked it alot.

But say, did you somehow know I wrote Christmas on the Frontlines or would it just not let you write the same title?