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Comments for 'The Exchange - Part 2 - La Continuacion'

3:49 pm | December 6, 2003
pimp pimp
4:52 am | December 6, 2003
Also, I have a plan to salvage my little mistake in this one...
4:52 am | December 6, 2003
No, I'm taking Lunar 4, setting it back a couple hundred years and using it as my own original stories.
4:39 am | December 6, 2003
shouldnt quite writing fan fics
ur an awesome writer
if ya do quit
ya gonna keep givin
ppl flack fic ratins?
3:51 am | December 6, 2003
I knew it was Spanish. I was just wrong about it being a 'conjugated verb,' instead it's a noun. So see...
2:33 am | December 6, 2003
Oops... Heh, I read FoR a long time ago. Well, looks like this is the end of the line for AEs. I mean, if they are based off a flawed concept... Oh well, this one was probably gonna be my last new fanfic anyways, so I'll probably just mop this one up, Draco and Derailed, then take Lunar 4 and move on from Halo fanfics.

If I wanted to I could probably rationalize the AEs as one of the extreme measures ONI took to kill the Spartans, but that might be pushing it too far. The rubber band of reason snaps eventually...
2:33 am | December 6, 2003
It's spanish. The first is "Beggining" and the second is "The Continuation." Makes a lot of sense...
1:25 am | December 6, 2003
Nevermind. I was wrong about the conjugated Spanish verb.
11:41 pm | December 5, 2003
i agree wit ya walk
loved the writing
just that the whole AE thing
i onno
dosent really appeal to me
gl wit the story pimp
10:56 pm | December 5, 2003
Hmm... well, first off, ONI is a department of the UNSC. Not a seperate part of the UN. I didn't really like the turn this story took... I can understand people fighting each other, but when you said that ONI beleives AEs are the perfect human form, I had to stop reading. ONI has pretty much, excluding Section Three (founders of the SPARTAN Project), been anti-anything not perfectly human since the beginning. Which is why they don't like Spartans. But, hey, this is your story, so whatever. I just felt like voicing my complaint. The writing was superb, as always--don't get me wrong on that--it's just the plot is, to me, not very appealing. Hope you continue writing!

Semper Fi

7:29 pm | December 5, 2003
Dispraiser, this is an excellent story, much better than Derailed, which I was a fan of also. At times you included one or two too many words, like in two consecutive sentences you said the word 'about', when you could have just said it once and been done with it. I know, that's something terribly minute to pick on, but I did it.

I also like how your main character is a janitor. Everyone else nowadays is taking the role of Spartan or other marine, and its nice to see a different perspective (I'm doing the same in my series, which has a medic as its lead.) I'm sorry I didn't comment on the last chapter when it first came out, but I was busy working on my own series (I'm really not trying to plug my series, sorry, it just sounds that way). Anyway, after reading your last two chapters I can honestly say this is my new favourite series.

I stopped giving ratings, but yours would have been way up there. Keep up the good work.
4:25 pm | December 5, 2003
Continuing excellence, I see. Why have you put the titles in Spanish? I noticed the first one (if I'm not mistaken) is the a conjugated form of the verb 'empe--(something, I can't remember what, since I don't have my Spanish notebook with me). Keep it up, ol' bean.