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Comments for 'Derailed Part 11'

2:39 pm | November 8, 2003
Go to March of the N00bs for Steele.
2:37 pm | November 7, 2003
shhh!! I am on the internet in school.(im not supposed to be) Has any on seen Steele latley?
3:04 am | November 7, 2003
I read it, and I loved it.
2:15 am | November 7, 2003
LOL, that may take awhile, Walker. Thank you.
1:54 am | November 7, 2003
Okay, I'll go to it right now, and see if I can survive the whole series in one sitting. Expect a review soon.

Semper Fi

1:41 am | November 7, 2003
This seems like a good time to post here without getting flamed (Hopefully), would anybody mind reading my story? I have taken over Nemesis's oldest series, Battle for the Norah. I'm on part Nine right now. I admit, the parts that I wrote have been nothing in comparison. However,I have made a noteable effort to make the next parts better. Thank you for all of your time. (Besides, Nemsis gave the last part a ten out of ten. If it gets Nemesis's stamp of approval, it's got to be good, right?)
9:36 pm | November 6, 2003
I don't discriminate against new authors, its just most of my comments are based on other comments lol.
2:35 pm | November 6, 2003
what a strange story. and stop this bullshit enters on this page.
3:04 am | November 6, 2003
The lack of commentary in Duckfoot's latest piece is a sad example of discrimination against reputationless noobs. He's good, trust me. Imagine what would have happened if no one read Wado's stories? Or Disrpaiser's? Or Mainevent's? Or Nemesis'? HBO would not have the community it does today. We need to give new authors a chance, people. Support the New Author Support aka "Duckfoot" Movement.

Semper Fi

1:23 am | November 6, 2003
Alright, thanks Dispraiser
9:18 pm | November 5, 2003
I had that problem in stowaway. Wu has a trick for fixing it, email him and he has this thing you use to fix it or something.
Steve Ollett
3:38 pm | November 5, 2003
That has got to be the best piece I have EVER read on this site. It was fantastic! You are a really accomplished writer (puts me to shame there!)

12:06 pm | November 5, 2003
One more part...

In the last part I don't know what I'll do though... Generally I've already made tehd ecision over whther the main character gets to live or die based on an inverse variation of the 'goodness' of their personality. Good people die, people with things to learn live. THis one is odd though, as I am finding it increasingly hard to kill the Main Character. I thought about doing it when he got shot in the road, but I failed somehow. The next part he will die, hoever, and if not then a Pelican will rescue him so he can live another hour or so...
Sniff Boy
3:18 am | November 5, 2003
Does it smell the odor?
3:17 am | November 5, 2003
I had the same problem. I had that sort of thing, but it said that it had only 753 words for Part Nine of the Norah series. Lol, unless more than half of my words were the indent tag...Gee, somebody mention this to Wu.
2:30 am | November 5, 2003
Anyone can help me with the sumbission problem?
2:01 am | November 5, 2003
Thanks for the warning, Mainevent, I saw what you said and didn't look at what Dispraiser said. I don't want one of the top ten series on HBO to be ruined.
1:50 am | November 5, 2003
Thanks for ruining it jackass!


Damnit, I tried to sumbit Homeworlds XXIII, which is 1380 words long, but the damn submission form only says it's 64!! I added three words and submitted it again, it still said it only had 64 words...
11:39 pm | November 4, 2003
We need more comments on this fic and on Duckfoot's. It was pretty good.
11:37 pm | November 4, 2003
Same goes for me.

Semper Fi

9:11 pm | November 4, 2003
Don't you think making them cry is a little mean?

I mean, how bout just making them a little depressed?

Anywhoo, great story. I liked the part where he...I liked it all.