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Comments for 'The Man - A Halo Comedy'

3:49 am | November 2, 2003
Another funny one...Lord above, Dispraiser, what would we do without you...
1:50 am | October 29, 2003
You bring up a good point, Derailed is nearing its conclusion. The main character has had the hell beaten out of him, has met his dynamic character moment (in the next part) and will soon see some character development in another two of my favorite secondaries before it comes to a bloody end with a little suburban combat.

Probably three more parts?
Sergeant B
1:43 am | October 29, 2003
See your name at Fanfics of the day!
11:28 pm | October 28, 2003
frickin hilarious frickin hilarious
10:12 pm | October 28, 2003
The most patient crewman is a great loss to the UNSC. The hearts of humanity go out to him. No one cares about the other two.

Yeah, I agree with Ishkabibbl. It wasn't the funniest I've ever read, but it did get me to fall out of my chair, laughing. I'll give you that. Hope to see more soon, especially of Derailed. I think it's about time for that one to end, in a big, red, fiery explosion. Like the Fourth of July. That would be fun.

Semper Fi

S F Legend
5:26 pm | October 28, 2003
S F Legend
5:26 pm | October 28, 2003
4:48 pm | October 28, 2003
Hilarious. I thought it was great, even if it was short. I was just hoping that at the end they could have realized a very obvious solution to get them out of trouble instead of blowing up. I thought that would be funnier. Anyway, nice job.
1:39 pm | October 28, 2003
Not as funny as some, but funnier then most.
12:45 pm | October 28, 2003
I liked it, a little short though...