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Comments for 'Derailed Part 10'

7:15 pm | October 24, 2003
He wakes up with a narly headache and a severe case of the munchies......oh, wait...that's something else....
6:25 pm | October 24, 2003
Oh. Yeah, it will hurt, but he won't remember it. He wakes up wondering why his head hurts so bad, then finds the wrecked banshee.
11:47 am | October 24, 2003
No, you just said the Banshee was falling, hence my "Ow, that fall's gonna hurt" comment.
8:29 pm | October 23, 2003
He rides it to the ground. Unless I said he bails out. Then he did. But I don't see any reason for him to... I'll need to look at that. I just posted a huge update on my site. I cleared out a lot of the old problems, and added a flackfic section. Dispraiser.tripod.com/flackfic.htm.
8:11 pm | October 23, 2003
No, I meant the fall from the Banshee.
7:21 pm | October 23, 2003
I dunno, still, a fall on a fat chick would hurt, cuz they got bones somewhere, and then theres the chicken wings and stuff they ate, and the stomach acids....

WTF am I talking about?


Great story Dispraiser.
Sergeant B
6:57 pm | October 23, 2003
Really really good man! Really good. Just awesome.
Sergeant B
6:57 pm | October 23, 2003
I love it man! It's so good. I just love your series. Keep it up! And would anyone like to join Raider's Company at seventh collumn?
6:25 pm | October 23, 2003
Heh, yeah, chances are he would have died fron taht fall... But in 'The Fall of Reach' Master Chief describes the floors of the Covenant vessel as slightly fleshlike. I was really hoping in the landing bays this was more gross fat-chick gut like... That would cusion a fall... And as for when I wrote it, around the same time as the last one. Both were done before I submitted nine, and ten just sorta slipped out. Generally I try to drop them in at the end of the day so I stand the highest chance of hitting the top of the list, but, like an idiot, I submitted this one at 2 or 3. Blame it on Dispraiserism...
11:17 am | October 23, 2003
Ow, that fall's gonna hurt. Maybe shove his spine out his back? I dunno, but this was another good one. Seemed a bit rushed, though. Didja write it last night? Still many grammar errors. 9.7/10. And still one of the top ten series on HBO.

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