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Comments for 'Derailed Part 8'

10:46 am | October 15, 2003
I got that evidence from Echo419.com (something similar to that...)

They had a weapons and vehicles overlook, and I figured they had done their research.
1:37 am | October 15, 2003
Cool, but how can I base my writing on it if I don't know if the source *you?* is credible? Naw, Mainevent, I need some HARD evidence. If it turns out you got that from HTF, then, good, I'll plug that into my future writings. If not, then... eh... whatever.
12:45 am | October 15, 2003
There is a chin mounted 70mm auto-cannon, and a back mounted door-gunner position that a marine has to stand up to fire. Just watch the hi-res version of the 8-minute E3 demo and you'll see him when the pelican lands.

*Pretty sure the chin is 70mm, don't quote me.*
12:45 am | October 15, 2003
A little helpo....

"UNSC Pelican-class Dropship

Crew: 2 (plus up to 12 passengers)

Weight: 70 tons

Armament: Two 70mm Heavy Chainguns

Secondary Weapon: Two missile pods, variable type, 50mm Heavy machine gun in cargo bay

The Pelican is the standard troop transport of the UNSC armed forces. It is extremely versatile, with room for up to 12 troops and a Warthog LRV slung under the tail. Its engine configuration gives the pilot precise control over the craft's maneuvering; it is capable of VTOL, as well as rotating in place. The Pelican is also capable of space flight. The Pelican's armament consists of two 70mm heavy chainguns mounted on the wings and two missile pods of varying type and size. Most of the Pelicans assigned to the Pillar of Autumn have consumed their ammunition supply, and extra ammunition aboard the Autumn was destroyed in the crash"

8:11 pm | October 14, 2003
A back gun? I thought they were mounted side by side on either side of the cockpit, and autotarget-capable. Either the copilot or pilot could switch it off auto and go manual. At least, that's the way I'd like it if I was strapped into one of those birds.
6:25 pm | October 14, 2003
I was alyways lead to believe two, though I have no proof of this. One hangs below the canopy on the bottom of the front, and another in the back that is manned by another person.
11:56 am | October 14, 2003
Semper Fidelis, or Semper Fi, as it is commonly said, is Latin for "Always Faithful" and is the motto of the United States Marine Corps.
11:45 am | October 14, 2003
How many 50mm autocannons on aa Pelican?
Nemesis (aka Agent Shade)
10:53 pm | October 13, 2003
i agree with Walker, well done, no complaints 10/10.

Hey Walker, what does Semper Fi mean? sounds mexican or maybe spanish
7:57 pm | October 13, 2003
I think you should finish that history... you have something new and unique going for you here.
6:59 pm | October 13, 2003
Didn't answer your question, did I? Well, Lunar 4 is loosely in the UNSC. When 2525 rolled around the East and West were at war, but saw a greater conflict and came to an artificial peace. They did the same with the UNSC. If you look in some of my other fanfics though you'll find that racism is still very prominent in Lunar 4. In Stowaway, for example, it almost leads to the death of the entire crew in an insane an misinterpeted fight.
6:56 pm | October 13, 2003
Lunar 4 is kinda the middle east of space. It was established as a quick resource colony around 2250 because a lot of gold was found. Soon, they realized that gold was worth practicly nothing because around a quarter of the solid material on the planet was gold. All the people who had put their hopes into Lunar 4 soon became very poor, and very mad. The West turned communist (lead by the first Mathean) and the East became a big mess, a war of little countries running off flimsy governments. At around it's tenth year the West invaded the East for the first time, and set the stage for the East to unite. That was the first war where Awwek was invaded, leading to it becoming a veritable fortress of Lunar 4. While millions died in this war of attrition (it had become racial) the UNSC moved in, and, as logic dictates attacked the Western forces. From there on out it wa sjust a mess of warfare, with little leaders poping up from time to time that were good or bad, but Lunar 4 was always poor. They would have lost money even trying to export their gold... I have written around a hundred years of Lunar 4's history into a word document, but never finished it. It's more an idea than a fact.
12:32 pm | October 13, 2003
"Nice, man. Very smooth." -Hoot, "Black Hawk Down"

I think that about describes it.

I liked it. I liked the writing, the training, and even the music video, a bit. I liked the comparisons to UNSC technology, and I liked the note this story ended on. Humans winning. So is Lunar 4 like a seperate colony independent from the UNSC conglomerate? I'm not really sure since I've only read one other of your stories where it was mentioned and it didn't offer much information. Anyway, an all-around great job. I think I'll actually rate this one. 9.99/10, for a mispelling and some other stuff.

Semper Fi