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Comments for 'Derailed Part 2'

Alpha Lance: creator of Halo Trilogy©
9:05 pm | September 1, 2003
Look at this!!!

Alpha Lance: creator of Halo Trilogy©

3:50 pm | August 30, 2003
The civillians were never priority. It was their job to get the nukes off the train and save what civillians they could. It isn't over though.
2:42 pm | August 30, 2003
What Walker said.
1:30 pm | August 30, 2003
kinda reminds me of "Speed", only without the bad acting and more action. 9.8/10
12:54 pm | August 30, 2003
Their mission was to protect the civilians in the train right? If it was, i wouldn't exactly call it a success when a whole compartment of civilians were killed...but it was a good story nonetheless...looking forward to the next one! 9.5/10!

Oh, you had some spelling errors and a few grammar mistakes...but the story flowed well...