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Comments for 'Stranded at Home Part 6'

11:54 am | August 27, 2003
Great read, but the punctuation isn't so good. Besides bthat, i love your story. Better than what I ever wrote... nice job man.
11:54 am | August 27, 2003

Pros: A great action story with many characters and great, realistic descriptions of combat scenes.

Cons: Problems with punctuation make it slightly harder to read, but that's okay.


Arthur Wellesly
5:33 pm | August 26, 2003
5:00 pm | August 26, 2003
In answer to Arthur:
Probably not, but the hole was about the size of a baseball, maybe the hunter missed? They aren't the smartest of all things...
4:21 pm | August 26, 2003
A very descriptive situation Dispraiser good!
Arthur Wellesly
2:38 pm | August 26, 2003
Yes, your grammar/spelling was perfect or close to, your writing style excellent as always an a solid story. I quite honestly enjoyed it.

I feel compelled to ask, though: could one of those thin assault rifles really protect a mere human from being killed against a hunter's fuel rod cannon?
9:12 pm | August 25, 2003
Yeah, great way of writing the situation. Keep it up, 'praiser.
8:40 pm | August 25, 2003
Nice job Dispraiser. Excellent encounter with a fuel rod cannon, use of the needler, and use of situational tactics.

Keep up the writing.
7:57 pm | August 25, 2003
Clever. One of the drawbacks of having a long running fanfic like this. It managed to pull an element from most fanfics in one part or another. The only problem is now I have to make Draco and Jenna live. Crap...
4:35 pm | August 25, 2003
For some reason I feel like pointing out the obvious, "Yay a tie-in!"