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Comments for 'Stowaway Part 3'

7:26 pm | June 7, 2003
Yeah, i'll figure out what's behind door number one later... As for the AE breaking free, maybe it just smashed through the crate, a little stronger than anticipated or maybe a little bit too resistant to sedatives... I don't really know... And as for the name.... Each individual Breed of AEs is with its own name. Think of AE as being like the word dog, and the one features in this fanfic (AE Hunter) as being like a Golden Retriver... This would be more of a wolf though...
2:31 am | June 4, 2003
Hmm..... Lame name for the AE. Should be MONSTER or something along those lines. A good concept, but very confusing. ONI makes them to fight Spartans? Also, how did it get free on the ship? Loved the fat guy's deatht though.... I could see it coming. 9.4 out of 10.... THe Cafateria scene was a little lacking when compared to the rest.... Still an extraordinary series though. I have one more question though. Plural secrets? So lets see.... AEs, Spartan 3s and.... behind door number 1...
2:06 am | June 4, 2003
Heh, glad you all liked them because AEs, especially different varients will play large parts in future fanfics....
Wiley Kimball
9:36 pm | June 3, 2003
9.75/10. I thought the AE was great.
8:56 pm | June 3, 2003
8:54 pm | June 3, 2003
It was good, and (for me at least) seemed like there would be more 'monstors' roaming Lunar 4. The guy said secrets, plural, (duh).
6:30 pm | June 3, 2003
So..... Any comments on the AE concept?
6:16 pm | June 3, 2003
10/10 Ohhhhhh scary