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Comments for 'Stowaway Part 2 (2 of 3)'

9:14 pm | June 1, 2003
I read this one and am about to read the third part.... It took me some time to remember what this story was about (try posting within a month), but once i did it was great.... I love this series, and I feel like giving it the 9.5 award.... But I am mad at HP, so 9.4 for you. Anyway, the only problem I had with this part was that it was too far from the initial posting.... If I were giving out an award for "making red soil himself", you would be the first to get it...
2:54 am | June 1, 2003
Probaby not Morphine that he is on.... Maybe Crack... Still Illegal though...
9:54 pm | May 31, 2003
Diablo um are using morphine illegaly or anything like that?
3:18 pm | May 31, 2003
Morphine cures everything ;) . Got a headache? Take some Morphine. Back bothering you again? Take some Morphine. That annoying neighbor annoying you again? Take Morphine....then beat the crap outta him and/or her. I guess fan fiction has really calmed down, cause since i've left, there was a whole lot less fan fiction posting (good thing). I like to see people write creepy stories once in a while, instead of the shoot-em-up-billion-covenant-vs.-billion-Marines crap. Good to see a few people have some sense knocked into them...
2:36 am | May 31, 2003
All ofthe people they found were ripped apart on the ground.... Morphine doesn't work on dead people (I think)
7:59 pm | May 30, 2003
9/10 Docs arnt ever suppoesed to give up. They could have at least givin him some morphing
12:32 pm | May 30, 2003
*site* not sight. I'm amazed at my own stupidity sometimes...
12:30 pm | May 30, 2003
Yep, great story. It seems alot of people have left the sight. 9/10. I think the poor doctor should have said something different at the end, though.

Are you having any luck getting any thing posted on Battleground Halo...Lazy SG....
4:24 am | May 30, 2003
Dispraiser where the hell ya been? Great story scared the shit out of me! Keep them Coming!
Wiley Kimball
9:00 pm | May 29, 2003
8:29 pm | May 29, 2003
This is the third part, but it is part 2 of 3 of part 2... I had a posting error with thelittle signs in the prompt line (props to louis for the help) and finally figured out the problem.... It wasn't too big, it was that.... oh well...
7:05 pm | May 29, 2003
Ooooh, scary! Lol good story can't wait for the third part.