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Comments for 'Forever Credo certe ne cras.'

12:12 am | March 29, 2004
Just trying to make Allen a good guy.
4:43 pm | March 27, 2004
Nice story, very nice. Like your whole thing with Allen bieng a wild card, and how you didn't make the marines invincible (seriously, I've read a story once where a pair of marines took out eleven Elites by themselves).

Good job.
3:29 am | March 27, 2004
This is a problem I usually avoid because it's hard to describe a map without assigning at least arbitrary names to points. It's ALMOST an S shaped pipe, the final segment. They would fight in all of it but the bottom line.

Normally, I never have my character turn back for that reason...
4:41 pm | March 26, 2004
really good story even though i did get lost in the sewers and the combat. just work on it, i know u know wat you're trying to say, but u have to depict it to the reader, but good one.

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