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Comments for 'Forever - Dimidium Facti Qui Coepit Habet'

MC's Cousin
6:17 pm | February 12, 2004
I knew that sounded familiar, don't you luv those cources you think you'll never need, then BAM you need them.

Signing Off

2:57 am | February 12, 2004
Nah, the MC will never be in any of my stories. Ever.
3:49 am | February 11, 2004
Very nice. Love the detail and description, I admit to not really have read any of your stories anymore, but I probably should if there all like this!

Ah, and let me guess. Could the mysterious person that helped Chavez out be...MC! (gasp)

JK ;)
11:21 pm | February 10, 2004
No, it's Latin. Nice story, pity it won't last longer. . .
MC's cousin
3:56 pm | February 10, 2004
That title's lattin, no? Any way, fairly good story. First person aproach is interesting, and you have some real colorful terms, nice. Keep it coming, we'll keep reading.

Signing Off

10:05 pm | February 9, 2004
It means "Half is over when the beggining is over." Simply a statement that this story doesn't have much longer to go.
9:35 pm | February 9, 2004
Not bad..but mind telling what the title means?

overall a 9/10