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Comments for 'Forever - Adeus Ex Machina?'

4:14 am | January 15, 2004
I don't understand; of what symbolic box do you speak? Is this box some pysical thing that i hsould know about (but dont'...)?

I get confused easily. I've also decided to make this into a series, though it will take a very dramatic turn. Like Derailed before it I aim to make this a simple fanfic (relative) about friendhip, fighting, romance, luck and the art of war.

As for adeus ex machina, it is not a real latin phrase. I couldn't think of one for bad luck, but deus ex machina is good luck, sorta. What it means is basicly "in the nic of time".
12:27 pm | January 12, 2004
Very good... first person narration lends a nice touch... yep. I would definitely reccommend making this into a series.

3:24 pm | January 11, 2004
You DO know the old motto was 'Who Dares, Wins.' Right?

Semper Fidelis or Semper Fi = Always Faithful

Now, there is one other thing I'd like to say to these people so set on that view with the motto:

Another vote for the fact that it is indeed latin, and although it is the Marine motto, it belongs to anyone who wishes it to. Those two words categorize much more than a soldier's faith in his comrades, as you might someday learn.

Great job on the story, Dispraiser. When will you be dropping the box, and who is the god?
6:42 pm | January 10, 2004
Good point Walker.

Semper Fi
3:56 am | January 7, 2004
In conclusion:

Leave the fighting the real Marines. But let Semper Fidelis be the cry of those who love them.
3:51 am | January 7, 2004
I'm not trying to impersonate anyone, Tai Pan... rather I feel that my circulation of their slogan is a tribute to their name. If you were out there, fighting, dying, wouldn't you want people to know of your sacrifice, and learn more about you? I've had several people ask me what it means. I explain it to them, and they go and research the Marines to find out about it and other topics. I feel I'm doing good. Besides... Navy says it to their Corps brothers, too.

Semper Fi


PS: Semper Fidelis was an old Latin slogan, so I could claim as much right to it as anybody, except the Corps. The Marines didn't come up with it, though.
2:51 am | January 7, 2004
Still nto sure if I should make this a series...
Tai Pan
2:44 am | January 7, 2004
Leave the Semper Fidelis to the real Marines
11:23 pm | January 6, 2004
Hey, I liked it. The Covenant seemed a bit of a pushover, but, then again, it was just Grunts. Can't wait for the next one.

Semper Fi

10:11 pm | January 6, 2004
9:17 pm | January 6, 2004
Deus ex Machina...
Maybe we'll be seing more of this story?