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Comments for 'Wild Weasels'

Dirty Commie
4:51 am | April 5, 2003
I'm pretty sure it was in the series 'Suicide Missions' on the History channel.

You're right, this story flows about as well as a river of bricks. I wrote it at the rate of one paragraph a day, maybe that's it. As opposed to 'A Foul Mood' which I wrote in 90 minutes. (THAT was a fucked up hour and a half, hoo boy.)

And you know, Weasels rule in general.
9:12 pm | April 4, 2003
Oh yeah, I forgot to talk about the Wild Weseals. I don't know what History of them you saw, but Wild Weseals(I can't spell it right) are aircraft that go after SAMs. They draw their fire and put a missile down their throat. Used alot during Vietnam.
9:02 pm | April 4, 2003
That wasn't too shabby. The only thing I can see wrong with your grammar is that you barely used pronouns. You know--using a he or it every now and then might work.
I myself am working on a series involving suits myself. I just wish someone hadn't beat me to it. I was working on it before I read yours, but I was grounded and couldn't use the computer for a while. From this point forward I will use a grading scale as follows:
100-90: excellent, nothing was wrong and I enjoyed it so much I think you should be a novelist. Not many fall in this range.
89-70: This was pretty good. above average but not spectacular. You should keep writing you have potential.
69-60: This is average. Nothing special, nothing bad. Work on spicing it up.
59-50: This is bad, but not abysmally so. Work on it, and you could improve.
49-10: You either can't write or just didn't try. Don't post any more of this level.
09-00: You SUCK! THis is no excuse. If I ever saw you in public I would do the world a favor and cap you like old yellow!

This story recieves an 85! Keep them coming!
Dirty Commie
5:04 am | April 3, 2003

You're right dispraiser: that version would be better...with jetpacks...

I named it Wild Weasels cuz i saw a special on the history channel about 'dem and i thought they were pretty badass.
3:12 am | April 3, 2003
Nice job on the story.

The title caught my eye too. I was expecting a story about missile counter measures and electronic warfare.

Still though, I liked the story. Keep writing.
1:37 am | April 3, 2003
Yeah, someone knows to indent... Glad to see it's someone more than Wado and me... Like Sarge I like the title... Would be better if they were all weasels though... Weasels with guns... And lasers...
11:42 am | April 2, 2003
Good Formatting.
Wild Weasels...
James Kinsella
9:25 pm | April 1, 2003
Don't worry about it man. The armor is still great and the story is still good so no problem.
Dirty Commie
8:29 pm | April 1, 2003
I thought of a semi-plausible explanation for the shields: They interfere with the magnetic field of the docking bay. But then they could switch them on after insertion... Damn.
8:18 pm | April 1, 2003
I would have wondered that, but I didn't... I was a little confused int he first paragraph, but the rest was great. Good to see you're back.
Dirty Commie
3:18 pm | April 1, 2003
Shields? Well, the thing about that is....

*runs away*
James Kinsella
2:15 pm | April 1, 2003
This is a good story, but I'm wondering why that wonderfuls armor didn't have shields. If you can create a sequel.